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I was a little bit sad in a way last week when I had the chance to meet Tina our newest incall escort that lives in Queensway. To start things she looked fantastic and had a great smile. She pretty much just spelled awesome and sexy all around from what I could read off; definitely a looker who is better than a lot of others that you or I have met in the past. (Yes I´d be willing to bet on that) she was dressed very nice; that´s one thing we take pretty seriously here because we know how much a lot of you guys out there really like to impress the ladies and many of you are here on business and really like to live it up and stay in posh pads while you’re here. It´s not always that we can take advantage of business perks and stay in 5 star hotels, yeah! I´ll take the Surf & Turf please…It’s important for the girl to `fit the part´ Oh… why the sad part? She does just incalls and I didn´t/couldn’t get the chance to take her out. Don´t worry guys; you know now that she does just incalls so that pretty much eliminates any chance that you have about being sad with her in any way; well until you´re times up and you have to leave her anyways. Her body is fantastic and she is great with her hands; talk about a killer massage that pretty much lulls you to sleep and makes your body feel like a bowl of Jell-O… that´s just the start; she´s a lot better with more than just her hands. She´s waiting for you now so you had better jump at the chance to go and visit her; I´m thinking that when a lot of people come back from their holidays or whatever she going to be a little bit harder to book. Jump on that horse now and ride like hell! If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON 0208 961 6006 CALL US ON 0208 961 7711

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The ‘Available today’ gallery is for guys in a hurry, basically guys who are ‘gagging for it’. It features all the girls who are working today so if you need a girl right NOW then just choose from the list and give us a call. With Outcalls within the M25 we aim to get to you within the hour which I think fares favourably with your local take away or in the case of Incalls, expect a warm and wet welcome if you’re planning a visit to one of these girls. Right this moment they’re ready and willing and waiting for the phone to ring.

This gallery is here just for your convenience as we stated above. It will take some of the guess work out of deciding which beauty you want to spend time with. By keeping it updated for you it´s easier than ever to be enjoying the company of one of our girls; sometimes it´s tough to keep up with all these women so if there happens to be one that you see elsewhere but not in this gallery it never hurts to call and ask if she happens to be available. We´ll see what we can do.

These are our new girls, the latest additions to the 24 Carat family. They will include girls who have never worked before, seasoned professionals swapping agencies and new arrivals in London from all over the World. These are the Escorts that excite me. They are the unknown quantity and we are yet to find out just what these girls are capable of delivering. They are all fresh and new and anxious to make a good impression and build a reputation here at 24 Carat Escorts. Best you crack on and choose your favourite!!

We have many more beautiful London escorts available who do not wish to have their photographs on the site. If you are looking for a BLONDE ESCORT, BLACK ESCORT, BRUNETTE ESCORT, BUSTY ESCORT,  AIR PORT ESCORT or CALL GIRL in LONDON  and do not find the type of lady you are looking for here, please call our friendly receptionist on: 020 8961 6006 or 020 8961 7711.