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Age 21
Measurements 34B
Dress size 6
Complexion Tan
Build Slim
Height 5'3''
Hair Blonde
Eyes 21
Nationality Eastern European
Languages English
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Location W2 / ROYAL OAK
Incall/Outcall Incall Only


So I´m sitting here in my lazy chair doing pretty much nothing but checking out these photos of this new girl Serena who I notice has just been added to our girls and their looking fairly enticing. I´m seeing two things mainly and you could call it Tit for Tat… do you see it? You had better see it or maybe you should mosey on down to the closest eye doctor and have yours checked out; don´t try & drive… we don´t want you hurting anyone. Don´t get your knickers in a knot; when you come back the photos of Serena will still be here waiting for you; you probably should have had your eyes checked a long time ago. All right now; we´re hoping the fog/blurriness is gone from your eyes and things are just a little bit if not a lot clearer for you.
Back at Tit for Tat then… Serena to start with… then Tits: 34B, Tat: ink-work on her body… aw bloody hell; well upon closer inspection (the other photos) it would appear there is more artwork or what you care to call it to be seen. I´m hoping that it is just brushed on the photos for `artistic or attractiveness/selling´ purposes but I can´t really tell for sure. It just don´t do it for me… to me it´s like taking some of the stink off a turd and putting it on a nice looking piece of candy. So she´s got tits and tattoos (likely) like a good share of the other working girls here in London. Don´t let it stop you from going in for a better view or even getting a taste of it.
Selena´s breasts I´m noticing are listed as a 34B but I think that maybe somewhere down the line something got a little bit mixed up, like some numbers maybe; to me they look bigger which according to many persons may be considered even better huh? I am hoping that you are not too lazy like me to get up out of this chair and go have a gander at Serena in Queensway; send us back your full report please. We need to know and I´m too busy to do it myself… Zzz…

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  1. From: maurice Sent on: June 17, 2017, 5:48 pm Date of Appointment: Fri Jun 16 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    I´d be looking at least twice if I saw her walking down the street and will see her at least that much too. I like to feel her lips on my bareness. I covered her boobs with it when finished..

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