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2 hour £ 220 £ N/A
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Location Charges £ £ N/A
Age 24
Measurements 36DD
Dress size 8
Complexion Fair
Build Slim & Busty
Height 5'6"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Nationality Moldavian
Languages English / Spanish
Sexual Orientation Straight
Location W2 / BAYSWATER
Incall/Outcall Incall Only


Get a look at this new girl guys; you are going to love her to bits. Barbara is one of our new versatile girls who provides most services, she a firecracker… actually more like a cherry bomb (more powerful and dangerous) and can be very adventurous and wild. She is outgoing, friendly and on top of it all she is just a perfect girl, 5´6”, slim & busty and just 24 years old!
I think that after spending some time with her that most all of you will agree, just take a look at that body. Whew!! She’s got me all fired up already. She was very creative and playful when it came to spending some intimate moments of fiery passion behind closed doors.
Exercise caution with this girl; before you know she will be your next obsession as it is going to be hard to get your fill of this babe. Pick up that phone or book online; either way it will end with the same results… blissful moments spent with a hot young brunette.

If you date a girl please leave a review. Our ‘Review of the Week’ wins a free Incall!

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Total Reviews ( 8 )

  1. From: Wade Sent on: June 23, 2017, 5:58 pm Date of Appointment: Fri Jun 23 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    The way her head was moving up and down during oral I think to call her Bob, it was like a rubber raft at sea riding the swells. She did great, stayed afloat and didnt capsize. She got everything down right!
  2. From: oscar Sent on: June 20, 2017, 3:47 pm Date of Appointment: Mon Jun 19 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    I wont bore you with much details but breasts is about it! Nice tasty cooter too.
  3. From: paddy Sent on: May 27, 2017, 8:23 pm Date of Appointment: Fri May 26 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    She dug her nails deep in my back when she started squirtin all over the sheets. never seen that before.
  4. From: Mikey (Likes it) Sent on: May 3, 2017, 11:14 am Date of Appointment: Sun Apr 30 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    Barb was quite the experience, after her answering the door in a sexy number and gazing upon her nice looking body I think I will have to go back another time, if not two. One of the good providers out there where you are sure to get your money’s worth. One thing I have to call you out on Mr. 24, her body in my opinion was everything but slim. I´d say youré looking more at medium to curvy. I don´t care though cause she was very attractive and to me is not so important. But I´d be willing to bet if someone shows up there really expecting a slim girl they may be a little bit disappointed, although on the other hand once they get a little chit chat with her personality sort of makes you forget about any other little faults she may have. BOO-YAH!
  5. From: hal Sent on: April 4, 2017, 7:09 am Date of Appointment: Mon Apr 03 2017 Duration:90 Minutes Looks: Performance:
    Holy Balls! I spent 1.5 hours with Barbara last-night and i´m still seeing nothin but tits. You´re gonna die when you see them, and you won´t ever forget em.
  6. From: Nells Sent on: March 29, 2017, 3:44 pm Date of Appointment: Wed Mar 29 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    I was told by a buddy of mine that if I was ever in the Bayswater area that I should check this agency out and he mentioned seeing Barbara some time back and that I would be impressed with her. What do you know but there I was the other day closing up a business deal and I remembered what he said. I have to say that he was right. Beautiful woman who is very heavily endowed and gave a great massage and GFE during my visit. I don´t know that I would see her again though cause they were just a little too much in my opinion. I prefer a little bit less than she has. I speak highly of her for anyone that likes really x-tra large breasts. I prefer a little more of a medium to large ones. Nice selection of girls here and I will likely look you up when I make it this way again.
  7. From: blake Sent on: March 23, 2017, 8:06 pm Date of Appointment: Mon Mar 20 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    Not quite like it was like a PSE going but very reasonable donation for what was received.
  8. From: sean Sent on: March 22, 2017, 9:55 pm Date of Appointment: Sat Mar 18 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    Next time I think I will go for some of the extras that she had mentioned that she is willing to provide. Nice selection, good attitude and an top notch host.

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