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You know that sometimes you just take one look at a girl and you know that she’s got a very naughty side to her…and I’m not talking shoplifting here. I mean in the bedroom or any other room for that matter. Alysa is one of those girls. It only takes one look from her to get my underpants jiggling like a couple of ferrets fighting in a sack. That’s because there’s nothing us guys like more than the anticipation of what’s to come and when you open the door and find Alysa standing before you. It’s not just physical, it’s mental what a great escort girl does to us. They can seduce us with just a look or the lightest of touches. Alysa knows men back to front and she plays us like a concert pianist. Why not be her Steinway for the evening?


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If you spotted Aysha in a bar with your friends it would definitely be a collective sigh followed by the inevitable exclamation…’look at the arse on that !!’. The Bubble Butt she’s cultivated is stunning and if you think it looks good in a bar with lycra stretched across it then I tell you from behind when it’s pitched in the air and Aysha’s looking back at you ready to receive what God gave you…it is effin awesome. It’s certainly a view that I won’t forget in a hurry and it just begs you to slip it a length and ride Aysha hard and long. That’s why she’s built the way she is…it’s no coincidence. Aysha is so much more than that and you mustn’t overlook her other attributes which includes a very healthy appetite for guys like us. It’s all good my friends.


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