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With her model like good looks and a passion for brief encounters Sharon stands out even in the crowded Escort location that is Queensway. Yes of course we know that you are spoilt for choice in W2. It’s a magnet for all things hedonistic. As you sit there sucking on your Shisha watching the World go by or struggling to get your ice skates off at Queen’s club please give a moment’s thought for Sharon. She’s sitting waiting for a guy just like you to give her a call. She’s up against stiff opposition from girls that you frankly don’t want to know who will take you for a ride and spit you out the other end like you were nothing. Lots of girls in Queensway working the tourists on the basis they’ll never see you again so no point in looking after you properly. Sharon is not like that and we would not let her be even if she wanted to be.  Sharon will look after you properly so book with confidence guys.