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Focus your eyes on this new outcall escort that we have here waiting to come and entertain you. 24 year old Angie is another one of the many pretty girls that you should at least take a chance with and book at least once. All of our girls here are special in one way or another. Just because many of them happen to be Eastern European does not mean that one is like the other. So what makes them different; well their looks for one, their age’s, their sizes and many other things about them. Some may be better than others (in one’s opinion) but we make sure that most any man will be happy with the one that he chooses to spend some of his time with. If `the feeling´ is not there when they come in for the interview; out of respect we will not offer you the chance to feel it either. If they’re not good enough for us then they are certainly not good enough for you. So we are happy to introduce you to Angie; there was certainly a feeling there when she came in to be interview. So what makes her different from some of the other ones? Well… we do not believe in sharing all of our secrets and knowledge with everyone because we believe that could possibly take a little bit of the fun and excitement out of dating the London Escorts that we are offering you. We give you the basics… you dig in to it deeper if you care to. Angie is worth digging in to… as deep as it takes. If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON 0208 961 6006 CALL US ON 0208 961 7711

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Anyone that has used the services of Escorts in London before and is looking to spend an extended period of time with one and would to add a little more excitement (or a lot) than normal in their time together should for sure be looking at the girls listed here. PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! That´s what they do best and is why they are called Party Girl Escorts.

Indoors or outdoors does not matter to them, they just like to do it. You do not have to book them for extended dates and can book for just an hour or even 30 minutes if you wish to do so but once you are together chances are you’re going to want to enjoy their company much more than you anticipated. They do not need much of an explanation; their name pretty much says it all. London Party Girl Escorts from 24 Carat are the best.