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OK; we´re just going to tell you pretty much straight up how it is. We´re here to do one thing and one thing only for you here and we really enjoy doing it; providing you with what is your perfect idea of a perfect woman for companionship, to entertain you and whatever else you see fit to do with her. (As long as she agrees and is willing to go along with it) We all benefit from it in one way or another. The girls make some money; and sure of course we make a little bit too but it´s not like were making a killing if you take a look at what some other London Escort agency’s out there are charging for hourly rates. So pretty girls come our way; sometimes we take them for a test drive, sometimes we don´t but we always pass them on to you. Always meeting fresh new faces and doing things that we maybe never thought were possible is always a rewarding and pleasing experience; can you really put a price on that? 23 year old Rose is just one more of our ‘Priceless´ girls that you can spend some time with. Once you meet her you won’t `Wanna Get Away´ Rose is very sociable and knowledgeable, fun loving and likes to get out and about whenever she can. She actually prefers to be out on the town; she´s a girl that takes the meaning of the word party-girl to a whole new level. Give her at least one shot at proving it to you… afterwards you won´t be able to help but want to do it some more; and she will not mind at all. If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON 0208 961 6006 CALL US ON 0208 961 7711

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There´s always a special feeling about getting something new; whether it´s a new car or a new toy or other object or event it always makes it a little bit more exciting. Why not new when it comes to an Escort in London? We always feel privileged to always be able to offer you our newest girls. We keep them coming and it´s up to you to make sure they stay. They come in excited and ready to work and prove themselves because working for us is relatively new to them as well. That means you an experience that is going to be pretty tough to beat; especially when it comes to the price.

Below are all our New London Escorts that have come onto our books in the last month or so. As you can see they are a diverse bunch of girls. We thought we’d showcase them so that our regular clients can easily keep up to date with what’s new at 24 Carat Escorts…Why not save the page in your favourites then at a glance you can see our latest additions. Out of these new london escorts some are Blonde escorts ,  some are Brunette escorts, some are black escorts or so. To book any of these girls just call our reception on 0208 961 6006 or 0208 961 7711 .