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Do The Girls Enjoy Escorting?

Of course they do. Guys and girls aren’t that different when you get down to it and we all need a little love occasionally. I know they get more than you and me put together but have you noticed that the more you get the more you want? When you’re just starting out on a new relationship you can’t keep your hands off each other and these are girls who’ve had their buttons well and truly jammed in the ’ON’ position. Of course everyone has a bad day at the office but that’s why we ask for your feedback and we insist that our escorts take regular breaks. When we occasionally get a girl who’s really not into it…we tell her to find another Escort Agency. YOUR feedback and YOUR satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

Are The Photos Genuine?

Yes they are, but you need to put yourself in the girl’s shoes. An Escort’s photos are her calling card and front page advert all rolled into one. So inevitably they want to look their best. That means when they’re paying shed loads of dosh for a photo shoot, they’re going to want their best features to really stand out…that’s when girls might ask the photographer to use his skills to ‘enhance’ their God given attributes. That means bigger boobs, smaller waist and a nice healthy glow. ‘Air brushing’ is the common term…all girls at every Escort Agency do it and we can only advise them to keep it to a sensible level.

Why Are The Girls Sometimes Late?

We always do our best to get your London escort to you within the hour and often we succeed in that. However 24 Carat Escorts is an Agency operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week within the M25 which for anyone who doesn’t know is a ring road which encircles the Greater London area. It’s a big area to cover and estimating how long a girl is going to take to get to you can be very difficult. Traffic jams, road works, accidents and something as simple as it raining are all things that can delay your girl’s arrival. Please try to be just a little patient and understand that we are not your local pizza delivery shop which is probably just around the corner. Your girl may be the other side of the capital when she sets out. The secret is to get yourself ready…have a shower, open a beer, select some mood music, decide what you’d specifically like the lady to do and then just relax.

Can I Extend An Appointment?

Yes of course but only if our Escort doesn’t have another appointment to go to. That is the risk you take when you only book an hour. Obviously we try to accommodate you if possible because I know what it’s like when you’re really enjoying a girls company and you don’t want it to end…but we would be letting down the next client if an Escort stays over the allotted time. My advice is if it’s your first time with this particular girl and she doesn’t have much feedback from other clients then just book the hour but if you’ve seen her before or she comes highly recommended and you are thinking you might want to extend, then my advice is make it the full hour because the second hour is only £100 as against £80 for half an hour.. It’s best to think ahead a little to avoid disappointment…We hate turning down clients requests for an extension but it does happen.

There Are No Girls On The Site That I Like. What Should I Do?

Just give us a call. We always have more girls than you see on the website. That’s because a lot of girls are too shy to have their photos onsite….some settle for us blanking out their eyes but if you’re scared a relative or a friend might recognise you, the only safe thing to do is not to appear at all. Other agencies insist on a photo but we don’t. We’d rather describe a girl to you and hope that you can trust us than turn away what in many cases are very pretty girls. Yes that’s right, lots of beautiful escorts don’t have photos…it’s up to you to trust us a little.

Do You Cover Outside The M25?

Yes we do, it just depends on the circumstances. If you’re in Oxford and you want to book Carla for the night of course we’re going to bring her to you but if you only wanted an hour then it’s not going to happen. It’s not fair on Carla to have her travel all that way just for an hour. Equally, if you’re an oil sheik in Bahrain we are happy to fly Ria out to join your harem for a week or two on a consultancy basis but after that we will be asking for her back. Again the secret is to call us and ask. Then we will try our best to work something out.

Can I Book In Advance?

Escorts tend to decide their working hours on a short-notice basis, and it is not always a certainty that particular escorts will be working on particular days. As such, it is best to book an escort on the day rather than booking in advance, as it is not up to the agency what days an escort chooses to work. If in doubt, just give us a call - although advance bookings can be a nightmare, we will always have excellent escorts on hand to satisfy your needs, so even if you had a particular escort in mind, we will always be able to offer you an alternative - you never know, you might find that you get a new favourite!

Do The Girls Work Exclusively For Your Agency?

As an escort agency, we represent the girls that you see on our site, they do not work for us. As independent service providers, they are free to pick and choose which agencies they want to represent them, and as such it is possible that you may see some familiar faces on other sites. It is mainly our incall escorts that choose to advertise with multiple agencies at once, so you will see those girls on similar sites. What you will NOT see is the same girls on other sites for cheaper prices. 

Why Do I Sometimes Have To Pay Extra For Travel?

If you are based in Central London maybe in a hotel or, if you are very lucky, your own home, then we bring the girl to you at our expense. You pay just £110 for an hour. If however we have to take our Escort girl to Outer London or maybe Kent or Essex then we need you to contribute to the cost of us providing a driver. It’s nowhere near as much as if she’d called a cab to come to you, but it’s on a sliding scale according to how far from Central London you are. One thing is for sure. We agree the price of the cab with you at the time of booking. You are free to say yes or no. You will know how much before you put the phone down…no nasty surprises with 24 Carat Escorts!

Why Do Some Of The Girls Not Do The Services I Like?

Personal Preference and Physical Boundaries play an important role in what services an escort chooses to provide. Although all of our escorts offer a variety of services to suit the needs of a wide variety of clients, not every escort will provide every service imagineable. After all, everyone has different preferences and our escorts are no exception. If you have a particular preference that is essential for your enjoyment of the experience, then be sure to book an escort that offers this service, as there is nothing more important than respecting the boundaries of your escort. 

Why Do Girls Not Use Their Real Names?

Escorts prefer to keep their private lives private, and as such they will not use their real names and will instead use a working name that they may choose themselves to reflect their personality and even sometimes the kinds of services they provide. This is to ensure that their privacy is maintained, and this is also the reason why you will sometimes see an escort's face blurred on her profile picture. Rest assured that hiding an escort's true identity is something that all morally upstanding escort agencies do for their protection of the escorts, and not an indicator that an escort profile is fake!

Why Do The Girls Online Change So Often?

It’s the nature of the business…especially 24 Carat’s business. Escort girls by nature are nomadic. In other words they like to wander about. Most are foreign and supporting families back home so inevitably, given the work they do, they like to go home regularly to remind themselves of why they are working as Escorts. Others, especially the young girls, use the business as a means to travel. This week they’re in London two weeks later you’ll find them in Dubai or Paris or Madrid. When we set up the Agency we decided that we wanted it to cater for ordinary Londoners. Escort prices were going up but we decided our girls would stay cheap. The consequence of that is girls come and go. They work for us for a while then move on for more money at another Escort Agency. We expect that, we wave them off with a smile because there are always more girls and frankly, on balance, I think our clients like it that way. If your favourite girl has disappeared don’t despair…it’s amazing how often they come back again. I guess between you and us we must be doing something right.

Is It OK To Bring A Gift?

Of course it is! Usually, when buying a gift for an escort, people go for the usual flowers or chocolates, although quite honestly most escorts will prefer a tip. If you book an escort regularly and the two of you get to know each other, you may find that you are confident enough to choose an expensive gift that she'll really like - but that's between the two of you...

What Am I Entitled To With An Escort Date?

Absolutely Nothing. As an escort agency, our job is to arrange meetups between our girls and our clients, nothing more. Although we make sure that all of our escorts are adventurous, fun-loving and open-minded, our purpose is to assess the needs and desires of clients and arrange a date with the perfect escort for them. Anything that happens next is between you and you escort as consenting adults. If you are not happy with your date, it is vital that you let us know, as our client feedback helps improve our services.

Are The Girls Safe?

All our girls must be over 18 years old. All our outcall girls respond accordingly if things are not as they should be. We want everyone to be safe and happy.

I Have A Small Penis... Does It Matter?

The first thing to understand is that the vast majority of girls will not care about the size of your penis, even if you think it is on the small side. Escorts are no exception. In fact, recent polling suggests that escorts actually prefer men with smaller penises, as they tend to have the best technique and are the more passionate lovers. So regardless of how small you think yours is, don't let that stop you from having a good time or living your dream.

I Am Disabled - Can I See A Girl?

Of course - we don't discriminate against anyone. If you have a disability, all we ask is that you let us know during your booking and we will sort out the best girl that meets your particular needs.Don't be shy as we have had a lot of disabled clients before and it really isn't an issue at all.

We Are A Couple - Is That OK?

Many of our escorts offer couples services, so be sure to check when choosing your escort that this is one of the services that they provide. If a girl lists herself as bisexual, this does not necessarily mean they are comfortable with seeing two people at once - that is something we discuss with them at interview so we should be able to point you to a girl who’s really happy to see both of you whether you be a guy and a girl or two girls

I am Married - Is It OK To Book An Escort?

That entirely depends on your point of view and circumstances. As an escort agency, we guarantee confidentiality with every booking, so you can rely on us to be discreet with your booking.

I Am A Virgin - Is That OK?

It’s not just OK - it’s perfect. You can lay back and enjoy the experience knowing that someone who knows what they are doing is in the driving seat. You’re in safe hands guys and what better place to hone your skills ready for when that really special lady comes along? Escort girls understand how you feel and are happy to help. They love first timers , just don’t forget to tell us so that we can help you choose the right girl and make sure she knows the score.

Can I Take An Escort Out For The Evening?

We have the dinner date which is 3 hours and includes one hour in your home or hotel that’s £320 or it’s £750 to book a girl for 8hrs but you can book as many hours as you want as long as the girl is available. With longer dates is safer to book them in advance and then the Greatest City in the World is at your disposal. Our girls have a pretty good idea of the best clubs and casino’s to visit or maybe you fancy a show. We can help you decide just mention it at the time of booking