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Selfie Escorts

Selfie London escorts are quickly becoming some of the most popular girls to book. We live in a time when social media is a big part of everyone’s day to day life and with the rise of apps like Snapchat selfies are a form of communication almost everyone is using. If you don’t know what a selfie is it’s simply a self-portrait photograph taken on a smartphone. Now you’re probably wondering how this applies to escorts and why something so simple has become such an important aspect for someone choosing whether or not to book an escort…

Authenticity Guaranteed

Well, in an industry littered with fake images, fake girls and generally misleading services provided by many escort agencies in London it’s important to know whether the companion you’re booking is genuine. Selfie escorts provide this assurance. The selfie’s provided by our girls are completely unfiltered to ensure you get the best picture of what she looks like. While we do offer real professionally taken images, selfie’s paint a more personal picture so you can really tell if she’s someone you’d like. 

Hand-picked Selfie London Escorts

We’ve spent years finding someone of the finest selfie escorts London has to offer, all of whom are available 24/7 starting from as low as £120 an hour, or £750 if you want the full night to get the most out of your date. Of course, the first step will be finding the right selfie escort for you. We’ve made this nice and easy, simply look through any of the profiles that catch your eye, then use the information provided to choose who best suits your desires.

Booking is also easy, all it requires is a quick phone call to phone of our incredible receptionists. As well as finalising the booking, we’re also happy to provide any extra info/help should you want it.