I had a particularly relaxing weekend last week, after a tiring few days working at the London escort offices. Apart from a drink after work on Friday evening I didn’t see a soul, and it was bliss! On Saturday I just pottered around sorting the house out and doing some tough exercises on the gym equipment I’ve now got arranged in the garage. In the evening I relaxed with a bottle of wine on the sofa, and watched ‘The Goonies’ – one of my favourite films from my childhood. I even switched my phone off and turned off most of the lights in the flat. It was fun to feel like I was hiding away in this cosy little cubbyhole, wrapped in a blanket and nursing a glass of dry wine. I think it’s the cold weather recently that has sent me into hibernation mode.
On Sunday I took a luxuriously long, hot bath and even added some aromatherapy oils (don’t tell!) and used moisturiser afterwards. It may have not been particularly manly, but God it felt good! Like I’d washed away months of city grime. Later I lounged on the couch again and watched some old films on the TV with hot drinks to keep me warm, and then I spent a happy couple of hours engrossed in cooking an elaborate meal for one while listening to my favourite jazz music. Ahhhhhh…. totally relaxed! Until I stepped out of the front door this morning off course…
London has a way of making you feel dirty very quickly. I think when you live in a big city or busy town it’s more essential than ever to find really good relaxation time, ideally in the comfort of your own home where you can shut the world out.
A friend of mine has been thinking of making a date with an escort girl recently, but like me is in hibernation mode and doesn’t think he’s in the right frame of mind to do the whole wining and dining think on an icy London night, when his lovely warm house keeps calling to him so enticingly. The thing is, I do think he’s been very starved of female company recently, so I suggested that he just book a busty escort in London, or a blonde escort in London, and have her visit his place where they could both chill out together. “It’s the best of both worlds”, I pointed out to him. “You get to stay in your nice comfy flat and don’t have to worry about travelling anywhere, being late etc. But you also still get to spend some time with a gorgeous woman. You could make her a nice meal, or order takeaway, or just relax on the sofa with her eating from a big bowl of popcorn. Trust me, she’ll probably be as pleased to have a relaxing, cosy evening as you are!”
It’s true – even London escorts would love to hibernate when the icy winds are sweeping across the city.
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