Our clients are about as diverse a bunch as our Escorts. Every age,social scale, nationality and budget. Everyone is different. Some guys are on a crusade to date every girl we have. Like a sort of badge of honour. I think they must have a little of the train spotter mentality. Some romantic souls find a girl they like and just book them again and again. This is fine and I can relate to it. If you find a girl that rocks your boat then building a sort of ‘ relationship’ with them, can take escorting to another level. But in that instance, please keep your feet on the ground. The fact is you can’t buy love or genuine affection or friendship.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, there are a lot of genuine girls who are lonely in London and crave relationships every bit as much as maybe you do. But there are also a lot of girls who are very strong and focused and will eat you up if you start to show your vulnerability. I’m not critisising the girls, they have their reasons. It’s more YOU who has to take the reality check and protect yourself emotionally. Have fun by all means but please see it for what it is.

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