With the World Cup looming…God I’m getting excited…it’s legitimate football watching with the wife having admitted, in front of witnesses, that she… ‘doesn’t like football….but loves the World Cup’. Of course she’ll be watching on her own..don’t worry I’ll leave her a laminated copy of FAQ+A’s (frequently asked questions and answers) including… Yes, that’s John Terry, yes he did, No Walcot isn’t playing, yes that is Ian Wrights adopted son. no Gazza isn’t playing, Yes he was married to Cheryl from X factor, about £80,000 a week and yes, Gary Linekar does seem a nice guy.

I shall be standing on a chair in my local hostelry chanting at the wide screen with a ready need to cuddle everyone man or woman and do a bit of serious bonding with the lads, the post match analysis will have to be with the wife though I’m afraid.

Anyway, talk of the World Cup made me think about the greatest footballer who never played in the finals..George Best..yes he shares that unfortunate fact with such modern greats as Ryan Giggs and basically any other footballer you can think of whose Welsh. (what a shame Gareth Bale is a confirmed sheep shagger). Anyway Best always used to tell the story of an occasion when he was staying in a suite in a five star hotel in the West End with a former Miss World and had just returned from the Casino after a huge win. He’d laid out all the winnings on the bed and him and the girl concerned were cavorting on the bed rolling around in all the money. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and the guy from room service walks in with the champagne they’d ordered, chilled to perfection. The guy turns to leave with a generous tip but when he gets to the door he hesitates…he turns back towards George and says….’I’m sorry George but I have to ask this question….where did it all go wrong?

George Best was a flawed man but a great talent and the first real superstar in English football in terms of media attention and therefore it was hardly surprising he went off the rails, but he certainly lived a life.

So in those terms I’m thinking that we all should make the most of life and that means experiencing a little of the George Best factor. I can’t get you into the first team at Old Trafford, but I can set you up in the 5 star hotel in the West End with a beautiful woman. We have some girls that would grace the Miss World competition and some and I think it’s an experience that all guys should have…a little bit of luxury and the attentions of a beautiful woman.

Al least think about it, peruse the site, we have a huge choice of beautiful women and we’re just in the process of building a list of London Hotels for you to choose from and we can make arrangements for you if you like.It’s all good, so live a little…when you’re old and stuck in front of the box because you’re pension pot was too small you’ll regret it if you don’t.

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