I read a little article in the newspaper yesterday on the way home from the London escort offices, reporting the findings of a survey into the biggest problems within relationships. Topping the list (I can’t remember the percentage, but it was pretty high) was the issue of mothers-in-law! And apparently mothers of men are much worse than mothers of women, when it comes to your other half. Some relationships even break-up because of this problem, unable to withstand the constant interfering, bitchiness or over-protectiveness. The worst thing – and I’ve experienced this myself – is a man who won’t stand up to his mother or who always takes her side. Of course it’s nice if he’s still close to her – but standing by and letting her insult his girlfriend or wife is just not on, and it’s right that he gets in trouble for it. Any guy who’s letting his mum decide his relationships for him once he’s into his twenties has some serious issues to deal with.

From the mum’s side, you can understand why she might be guarded about whom her son brings home. After all, she’s always been the number one woman in her boy’s life and of course, no other woman can ever match up. But it amazes me how many women apparently care so little about their son’s happiness that she’s willing to actively sabotage his relationships! It’s incredibly selfish behaviour that could lead to a lot of resentment all round. Even if she believes he’s making a mistake with his choice of girl, it’s probably just better to let him make that mistake and learn from it, all the while being on standby for support. It’s a shame my last boyfriend’s mum couldn’t have taken that stance. Instead she took every possibility to point out my flaws to her son, and would even manipulate situations so that I’d end up pushed into a corner and acting angrily or rudely – all the more evidence for her case against my personality deficits. If it was just her against me, I think I could have dealt with it. Unfortunately my wet blanket of a boyfriend refused to see his mum’s manipulative behaviour and mostly blamed me for the friction. The old bat had succeeded in turning him against me, and in the end I decided he just wasn’t worth the trouble. I feel sorry for him, though, in a way. It will be difficult for him to ever be happy with the devil spitting over his shoulder.

I often wonder if difficult- to- please mothers would be happier if their son’s were simply dating a variety of blonde escorts in London, or busty escorts in London! After all the obvious plus side of this scenario is that he’ll only be spending a limited amount of time with them and won’t be getting sucked into any relationship that would more permanently take them away from Mum.

Perhaps some brave guys should try introducing some London escorts to their mothers – and let me know what the reaction is!

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