Guys, it really doesn’t matter whether you search on London Massage or London Escorts because we will be there somewhere which ever. Your average Massage Parlour can be a very seedy place..with hidden extras thrown into the mix and quite often illegal workers that have been exploited by the people running what is basically after all an illegal brothel.

My advice is to avoid these places and look to the Escort Industry to provide you with the company that you need. With 24 Carat there is no need to skulk around in the less salubrious parts of the city, trying to look discrete, waiting for the opportunity to enter some dodgy premises, usually above a pizza takeaway,  with a load of the delivery boys laughing at you because they know where you’re going. No if you want a massage we have beautiful women who are eminently qualified to deliver the sensual result that you are looking for. We have exclusive, clean, discreet and luxury premises in both the heart of the West End – W1 and also fashionable Earls Court in SW5…not a chippy or a Kebab shop in sight, no upturned wheelie bin in the front garden of some dodgy maisonette with the curtains twitching and you bumping into the previous punter on the way in. No tired Chinese masseuse (I use the term loosely) who doesn’t speak a word of English and can’t wait to see the back of you because she’s being exploited to such an extent that she’s barely covering the interest on the cost of the payments to smuggle her into England.

This is the truth of the human misery that is sometimes peddled in these places and I urge you to avoid them and look at the more legitimate end of the adult industry. All our girls are totally free and Independent of us. They are our bosses and  pay us a commission for our expertise in marketing and administrating their appointments with you. You get a much happier, more sophisticated (OK, not always but generally), English speaking girl who we have interviewed prior to that mutual decision for us to represent her. It’s very much a two way decision because, independent or not, it is our business that will suffer if we choose the wrong girl and she pisses you off.

We pride ourselves on giving you the London Escort that you deserve and hopefully, judging by the positive feedback we get, you feel that we’re doing something right. I know a lot of us guys are creatures of find a place where you know them, they know you and is maybe a little more discreet and you stick with it but at least give us a call and try out our service, you havn’t really got much to lose have you and especially at the moment we have some fantastic girls to choose from.

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