Hopefully today is the day that the World Cup starts for real with the Brazilians opening game against North Korea kicking off at 7.30pm London time. Lets face is it all been pretty poor so far and we are looking to the Brazilians to bring a little flair and passion to the tournament. Of course things have changed a lot in the last 20 years as before that, most Brazilians played their football in Brazil. So once every four years you got to see a totally different style of football. It was like watching another game being played.

I have been to Brazil a few times and it’s easy to see where they got it from. You see the kids playing on the soft sand of Copacobana beach flicking the ball to each other rather than passing it, keeping it in the air and using immense skill to instantly bring it under control, they seem to have so much time…it’s not easy to keep a football under complete control and still have time to steal you’re camera…that is special to watch..I post the holiday photo’s but….

For the nostalgic romantics like me, things have changed now that the Brazilians are all living and playing their football in Europe. The mystery is gone and so has a lot of those little touches of individual brilliance that characterised the Brazilian style of play. Remember the furore surrounding the arrival of Robenio at Manchester City…it lasted a little while and then for him, the drudgery of English football with its work rate ethic and muddy pitches just dragged all the inspiration out of his game. Brazilian football is meant to be played in Brazil on a sandy beach or a bumpy dry grassless pitch in the middle of a favela with kids fighting for their lives to escape the poverty. That’s the breeding ground for greatness and if only the Brazilians could afford to pay their players to stay in Brazil, then maybe we’d be treated to the kind of football that we deserve to see at a World Cup.

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