I’ve always loved travelling, but I think as I’ve got older the wanderlust has diminished somewhat. Ten years ago, the most exciting I thing I could ever conceive of was to be wandering around some exotic city by myself, exploring and having adventures. I was never particularly interested in travelling with friends, as it restricts your freedom and means you always have to compromise on what you want to do or where you want to go each day. Having now done a lot of solo wandering, however, I’ve got to a point where the thought of it now holds less appeal. It’s pretty lonely at times, and the novelty of stepping out into the glare of a brand new country or city isn’t as fresh anymore. Although I’d still like to do more travelling, I think it’d have to be with a ‘significant other’.

These days I’m more preoccupied with earning a living, working at the 24 carat escort agency so I can buy a proper home and get ‘things’ like other adults seem to have. My priorities have definitely changed over the years, but I know that my traveling memories will always be incredibly important to me. I might not dream of voyaging to India anymore, but the collection of photos and a Ganesha statue I have from there will always take pride of place wherever I live. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in the memories, especially when everyday life proves disappointing. I probably have mementos or at least photos from every place I’ve been, and they’re all special reminders of a particular time and place in my life, and the people I’ve met.

Many of our escorts come from abroad, and it’s nice to talk to them and get a reminder of the more exotic places I’ve been, just by hearing their accent and noticing quirks of their vocabulary or mannerisms. For example, I love talking to Italian girls because I get such a warm, fuzzy reminder of my various trips to Italy. A guy I know dates  on a regular basis, and occasionally  But his favourite girl is a Brazilian bombshell, who he’s dated several times. He says the reason is simply that, a few years ago he spent a year living in Brazil on a voluntary work program, and while there had a relationship with a native girl who provided him with ‘One of the best romances of my life. Better than any normal holiday fling’. So for him, Latino escorts in London are a very powerful reminder of his time in Brazil.

London escorts are a mixed bunch, from a great range of countries – they really do bring a taste of the exotic to our capital, and to the escort business, that enhances what we can offer to our clientele. Many have preferences for a particular nationality, and much of the time this relates to traveling experiences that have shaped them. Personally, I love the Indian ladies…


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