Guys, they say that variety is the spice of life…and that certainly applies in the case of London Escorts. We are all different and I can recognise that some of our clients remain fiercely loyal to one of two girls, whereas, some of you adopt the ‘kid in a candy shop’ approach to it. I must admit I favour the latter approach because, I think it’s important to experience new things in life..even if sometimes it ends up being a disappointment…most of the time it isn’t, and a lot of the time things can be even better.

So my advice is when you call up for Julia or Roxy and find that they’re not available, don’t just give up and go away, have a chat with our reception girls. They know all there is to know about our girls and will help you to choose another that matches your preferences. We have a lot of Escorts on our books who don’t even appear on our site. Obviously they have a delicate balancing act between private and escort life and the added complication of having their photo’s strewn across the WWW is too much pressure. IT IS NOT BECAUSE THEY IS UGLY INNIT. So it is always worth following our advice and trying someone new.

Please take a chance and for your own sake, try to adopt a similar attitude to the other aspects of your life. I know it’s a cliche that we only get one life, but it’s cheesy but the true!! You just never know when it’s all going to come crashing down. We did actually have a customer once who suffered a heart attack whilst chasing Micaela around his living room…with deadly consequences. Micaela of course with consumate professionalism carried on and finished the job (actually she didn’t realise, she gets a bit wrapped up in her own gratification I’m afraid.

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