Hands up who likes have their ass touched? I’d be so interested to get a response from you all to know what percentage of straight guys are into it. (I won’t hold my breath). For me occasionally it can be very sexy. I’m not talking fisting..just a finger with a good helping of lube. I know ladies get a bit of a kick out of it. I think because the so called G spot can be stimulated from the anus, but obviously for us it’s the good old prostate gland.

If you havn’t tried it, the orgasm achieved by prostate massage can be a very unique and different experience, unlike anything you will have experienced before and I think it helps for both men and women that there remains a little element of taboo….so we can feel deliciously naughty by just allowing someone access to that particular area. Of course you need to be in a safe enviroment…eg backed up against the cell door in Belmarsh doesn’t have the required ambience…even if your cell mate has lighted a couple of scented candles…basically you want to feel safe and relaxed in a place that you feel comfortable in with a person you feel comfortable with.

So let me know if you ever had the finger and who you would most like to give you the finger. My choice would be Newsreader Kirsty Young…that lovely Scottish lilt with a hint of the school mistress which she has about her..such that you feel like you’re being punished for something…OK we’re not only touching on my prostate now but my deep psychological motivations…better stop there..Christ this blog thing seems to drag out my inner most thoughts…and I foget the point…Book a Elite London escort from 24carat Escort TODAY PLEASE!!

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