As guys we all like a female to smell nice, whether it is that natural sweet, girly smell that some women have or whether it is a nice smelling perfume that catches the attention it is always important for a female to smell nice. It increases the attractiveness of a female if she is always smelling nice just as it can decrease her attractiveness if she smells bad quite often. I am lucky enough to work with a group of London escort girls that are always smelling fantastic, I don’t know whether they bathe themselves in perfume and flowers but you can always smell when they enter a room and it is a delightfully attractive smell.

With all the emphasis that we put on women smelling nice it is quite easy to forget that us guys should smell nice too, especially seen as we are the gender that is much more likely to carry a bad smell around with us. I was talking to the escorts in London about this the other day and every single one of them said that they always prefer when they meet a guy that smells of a nice cologne or at least generally smells very clean and well kept.

Of course smelling of a particular cologne all the time is going to be fairly expensive, especially considering that most of the cologne based companies tend to sell their product at about 1,000,000,000% of what it is actually worth!

What I managed to deduce from the London escorts however, was that guys do not always have to smell of cologne, sometimes it can be a bit over powering when certain guys get a bit over eager and spray on a bit too much as though they were spraying mosquito killer on a mozzy, and they themselves are the mozzy. So the key really is just to not smell bad which shouldn’t be too difficult for most of us, at least we get it easier then the girls who we pretty much expect to smell nice at all times. So guys, if you’re planning to hire a London escort and you are eager to impress her you had better make sure that you’re smelling your absolute best because I can assure you she certainly will.

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