For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a girl that I met at my brother’s birthday party  -we’ve had about five dates now. Although I feel that we have learned a lot about each other in that time it’s still early days – it’s very much like we’re a newly dating couple, with all the uncertainty and thrill that goes along with that. Our dates have been fairly standard events. A couple of times I’ve met her after work at the London escort offices and we’ve just had drinks, or a meal and movie etc. We’ve also met up a couple of times on a Saturday – during the day once, where we walked around the British Museum and sat in café’s all afternoon, and another time in the evening.

On this occasion I took her to a particularly nice restaurant and it was very romantic – a guy even serenaded us with an accordion! While all these dates were pleasant enough there was nothing hugely exciting about the activities involved, or the venues we visited. Most of our time together thus far has consisted of walking around together, going in bars, coffee shops and the odd restaurant. No hot air balloon rides or boat trips! But what I’ve noticed with this girl – something I’d actually forgotten about from previous relationships – is that when I’m with her I don’t really notice my surroundings too much. It’s like, literally, ‘I only have eyes for her’, in that her company is all consuming and everything else diminishes to mere specks on the horizon. We get very much caught up in our conversation, make huge amounts of eye contact, and barely notice anyone around us. This is particularly nice for me as I find that when I’m out and about by myself I get increasingly irritable with the people around me. I just can’t help but notice their annoying, over-loud conversations, chavvy comments, bawling babies, rude behaviour and generally the imposing nature of their presence. Not only this but I notice bad driving, bad weather, and rubbish music blaring out of cars. All this leaves me feeling greatly annoyed and often not enjoying being out at all.

But when you’re with someone special, they loom so much larger than all these petty annoyances. You don’t see what the chavs and bad drivers are doing because you’re too busy being caught up in each other. I think it makes the world seem a brighter, less threatening place.

I reckon people can get the same benefits while out on a date with a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London – and this is probably even more the case as the time you have with them is relatively limited. You really don’t want to miss a second of their gorgeous looks, sparkling personality and overall presence.

I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you’re walking with a London escort on the South Bank, you won’t notice anyone but her.

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