This is a question to our regulars..whose you’re all time favourite London escort from 24carat Escorts Age We’ve been going what maybe 5 years..that’s a lot of beavers under the bridge.They do seem to come and go an awful lot. Thats why I always try to encourage you to see the most beautiful women on our site as soon as you can.

We never know when there going to up sticks and leave, our style of business is little and often so for some they think another Agency will work better for them, sometimes they just get homesick. For me, luckily my favourite is Julia…such a stunning girl. Then Maite WAS lovely and Angel was as cute as it is possible for a woman to be. The new girl Ramona is stunning also but for performance alone and Milf  quotient of 10/10 Roxy darling you rock my lucky babe fron brasil..but not in the World tip for that Argentina – Milito was on fire last night and they have Tevez and Messi…only downside is Maradona as coach.

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