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This one may crack you up a little bit or give you a chuckle…no not Diamond our new African escort: why hell, we’re not even going to talk about her… well as little as possible anyways; I guess we sort of have to otherwise there really would be no point of me writing this or you reading it now would there be? Yes as you guessed we´re going to talk about Diamond and something else that I thought about and even learned a little bit about when I saw this new woman’s name; so you know what else we´re going to mention besides Diamond? Maybe you had better sit down so you don´t fall down cause you´re laughing so hard… so we will talk about Diamond, our new black London outcall escort, diamonds, you know what those are and… *drumroll* DWARFS! HA HA HA! Yes, little people… I don´t know what else you call a dwarf besides a dwarf; well there are other names but who cares. All right, here´s what I learned today; (my boss will be real happy about hearing this) In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs I always knew they were miners but never thought about or cared what they mined for… did you as a kid? Well it turns out it´s diamonds. LOL I´m gathering that none of this is new to you; obviously you got the seven dwarfs bit, now comes more dwarf stuff. I could never remember all their names as a youngster but one that I always could was Dopey… I don´t know why; I like his name, he´s just cool. So Dopey had a job in the mine, one I´d like to have in a way; it doesn’t sound too difficult, he got to collect the rejected diamonds and throw them out! Yeah I never knew all of this; interesting huh? Ok we´ll quit now and leave you to be, but before we go I want to tell you not to be Dopey and throw Diamond away… book her, treat her nice and spoil her well; she´s a keeper who needs no polishing… If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON 0208 961 6006 CALL US ON 0208 961 7711

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Our black escorts in London are probably the busiest of the girls we have. You just love them and we have a fantastic selection here for you to choose from. In fact I don’t envy you having to make that choice, it’s a tough one. What is the fascination of the black escort that makes all us guys so damn crazy about them? Well for older white guys like me it’s the forbidden fruit syndrome. When I was growing up we didn’t really get too close to black girls so they remained an unattainable fascination. I put that straight as soon as I discovered punting and ever since I’ve loved the enthusiasm and physical attributes of black women. I love the shape of their bodies and the passion that they put into a date. You really do get the sense that they enjoy what they are doing and of course that makes a huge difference to us doesn’t it? In the case of you younger guys I guess you already knew all this because you will have maybe dated them already and if you haven’t, well surely you will have been enchanted by the beauty of Beyonce or lusted after those dancers you see writhing around in rap videos on MTV.

If anyone out there says that they have never thought about sending some time with one of these dark skinned beauties I may have to question their frankness a little bit. The truth is that these girls should not be missed out on; you only live once and it can be fun and exciting to do something a little different for once. You never know… maybe once you take that first step and give it a try you may find that you will want to keep coming back for more.

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I think we have a great bunch of girls here and we offer both black incall escorts as well as black outcall escorts so whether you prefer to stay at home and wait for your date to arrive or you find yourself out and about and in need of some tender loving care, you’ll be catered for on this page. I’d like to think we are doing something to help racial integration here in London. Whatever your colour or creed I hope we are opening up girls to you that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to date and of course the girls themselves are realising that any guy, no matter what his nationality can be great company. I guess you have to say that on average us white guys don’t always ‘measure up’ to you black guys but sometimes, so I’m told, that makes you a little complacent when it comes to your ‘bedside manner’. Now don’t get upset, I’m only repeating what I’ve been told that ‘sometimes’ you just wave that baby around and think that’s job done thus giving us white guys time to slip in there with our best moves and upstage you a little. I’m told by a reliable source that size isn’t everything guys and I think our black escorts know that better than most.

Book the best black escort in London and reward yourself with an incredible experience, fulfill your fantasies with our ebony girls. Check our cheap London escorts gallery today.