Theatre Land Escort Style

Theatre Land Escort Style

Despite a huge range of activities on offer in London, ranging from ice skating to pole dancing clubs, from boat trips to London escort agencies – the full spectrum from nice to naughty, in other words – it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and repeatedly visit those places you already know well, just because they’re familiar and you know exactly what you’re going to get. This is fine, of course, as sometimes you just want to relax and not have to plan your tube journey, worry whether it’ll meet everyone’s expectations etc.

But other times you feel bored with your usual haunts and want to try something new. This is especially the case if you’re dating someone. The last thing you want to do is end up bored of each other because you never do anything new together, or find that that you’re having a series of first dates at the same few locations. That’s a sense of déjà vu I can really do without.

There is a pressure on couples to find new and interesting things that they can bond over. I think this is probably slightly worse for men too, as they’re more likely to be expected to impress with the next dating venue, demonstrating how romantic he is to his potential bride. This pressure is ten times worse for a guy who’s dating a woman for the first or second time – he doesn’t want to inadvertently drag her to that same old bar any more than she wants to be dragged there.

There are lots of places in London that could make for a brilliant date, of course, with a little research.

I think one of the best venues with which to impress, that probably aren’t give the credence they deserve, are theatres. There are over 50 theatres in the West End alone, churning out an incredible 17 000 performances a year. There’s really no excuse to not see at least one of them.

Ok, so I know theatre might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in my experience most people are capable of enjoying a performance if it’s a genre that appeals to him or her. And if a woman has found herself dragged to that same bar on the Embankment, or that restaurant in Piccadilly every week for the last year, a trip to the theatre could be a very welcome change, even if it wouldn’t normally be her first choice of date.

I think the trick is not choosing something too long or too heavy – it’s not supposed to be a test of stamina. For example a 4-hour production of Hamlet might be best left to date number 10, once you’ve established whether this is something she’d enjoy.

A comedy is likely to be the best bet. I’m a blonde escort (a busty escort too, I might add!) in London, and before Christmas a client took me to see classic play ‘The Mouse Trap’ by Agatha Christie at St. Martin’s theatre near Leicester Square. I like the theatre on occasion, and was quite excited to go and see such a revered play that has been running now for 58 years.

I think the client chose very well. The play was only two hours long, and had a thoroughly entertaining humorous air about it. It’s also an intriguing murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the end (although I was able to impress my date by correctly predicting the identity of the murderer in the interval!) Compared to many theatrical productions, 2 hours is quite short. I think any longer than this could feel a bit of an effort – and besides, if you’re on a date with someone, you want the chance to interact with them properly, not just stare at actors on a stage the whole night.

After the performance we went to the bar (expensive but very cosy and old fashioned), where we spent at least half an hour discussing the performance. We both agreed that the actors were all fantastic, and tried to remember if we’d seen them on TV some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the theatre. It made a welcome change, made me feel pleasantly cultural and provided some interesting conversation for the client and me. It was actually the second time he’d booked me, and it felt like an appropriate kind of date for this.

Remember that apart from straight theatre, London offers a great range of musicals that are great for lifting the spirits. And if you buy the tickets last-minute from one of the many kiosks in central London you can get substantial discounts.

I think there’s something really thrilling, even romantic about a trip to the theatre. It’s such an ancient form of entertainment that manages to stay relevant in a modern world. Productions are an interesting comment on the times.
Summary – great place for a date!