Slender elite escorts in London

Appealing BeautyThe terminology employed in the escort industry can be a little confusing to the unfamiliar. ‘Elite escorts’is a description that we use to describe the crème de la crème of the business. They contrast with our cheap incall escorts which are at the bargain basement end of the market. You see cheap London escorts are the bread and butter of our business. Most guys are on a pretty tight budget so the luxury end of the market is a dream rather than a reality. That means that after a hard week at work when they want to relax it is the cheaper girls that they are going to have to visit or be visited by their homes and hotels around London. So what is the difference? What makes our elite escorts so much more special than our cheap incall escorts? Well, a lot of the time it’s not as you imagine… that they are a lot more attractive. It does not just look that help a girl command the title of elite. It’s the way they do the job that so often catapults them into the luxury category. That means they will go that extra mile to make sure that their clients are totally satisfied at the end of their date.

They will take that extra care of you that maybe the cheap London escorts you encounter struggle with sometimes. Why is that the case? Well, it’s because they are dealing with more clients in an evening. I’m not for one minute decrying the job they do. They fulfill a need that used to be covered in the back streets of so Soho in the various ‘walk-ups’ that used to permeate the area. These walk-ups were flats with plain doors and young ladies in flats waiting for clients to buzz and come up for fifteen or twenty minutes maximum. That is how the cheap end of the industry used to operate. The seedy side if you like. These’ walk-ups’ have all but been eradicated from Soho which now is a very exclusive area full of expensive restaurants and exclusive bars. The sex shops and seedy side is all but gone and the cheap incall escorts that would have been seen there are now long gone and replaced with better girls who use agencies like ours to promote themselves.

The internet has all but eliminated the red light districts of London and I think we are all better for that change. The new system does not force girls to live in ghettos which also attract drugs and the more unsavory characters that prey on the innocent guys who visit these areas. Now you will find our girls in all parts of the Capital, living next to you or maybe in the flat upstairs. They are discreet and invisible to a lot of society and the internet makes them accessible to you and your fellow punters. These days you will find our escort girls in all parts of London. They are literally the girl next door that you’ve looked at, fantasized over and chatted up in the supermarket They live in the midst of us all rather than being hidden away in some run down area that we all feel scared to visit. Surely that has to be one of the great successes of the internet age. So our elite escorts you will pay more to date but offer a service that takes them to that higher level including some extra services included in the price whereas the cheap London escorts are good value for the regular Friday night encounter where you got that itch that needs scratching.

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