Scott gets Hot

Scott gets Hot

Scott arrived home in a bad mood. He went straight to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and sank down with it in the armchair. The leather of the seat stuck uncomfortably to his arms, and the back of his head felt hot where he rested it. It was a sweltering July day that seemed to heighten the feelings of disappointment, frustration and tension that coursed through him. Work had been typically unfulfilling, two colleagues seemed to oppose all his suggestions, and…women! Women that say they like you then keep being ‘busy’. Women that treat him like an annoying child when he’s served up a whole platter of charm. Women that say they’re over him, and then leave teary texts on his phone saying sorry, maybe they’ve made a big mistake.

When did it all get so complicated?  Why had Jenny at work stopped wearing those tiny black skirts that barely covered her knickers, with 6-inch stiletto heels? Ok, she still looked nice in her cute little trouser suits, but that sexy secretary outfit she always used to favour was enough to lift him out of his black moods!

Unpeeling himself from the armchair Scott went to the fridge and took out another beer. As he closed the door he caught sight of a business card pinned by a magnet to the metal. He took it back to the armchair with him, gazing at it for a while. It was for 24-Carat Escort Agency, listing such delights as blonde escorts, busty escorts, young escorts – a veritable feast of London Escorts, to suit every taste. Scott smiled at some long-ago memory, dropped the card to the table beside him and opened the new beer.

As he drank he relaxed somewhat and cooled down, but the evening was still very light and humid, promising little chance of sleep that night. He sat in the chair for about 2 hours, getting up only to fetch beer and visit the bathroom. Mostly he lamented the lack of excitement in his life, but also managed to make a phone call and watch a half-hour quiz on the TV.

By 9pm he was very drowsy and could barely keep his eyes open. An alarm sounded in his mind and with considerable effort he rose stiffly from the chair, pocketed his keys and left the apartment. A ten minute walk brought him to the local lake, really a very large pond, popular with swimmers in the summer but empty now in the murky dusk.

He walked round to the far side, to a little muddy cove surrounded by reeds. As he stood looking across the water glimmering dully in the last light of the day, a tiny splash and a ripple caught his attention about 15 metres away, to the side of a bunch of reeds. He peered intently trying to discern something solid from the shadows. A trickle of sweat ran down his forehead on to his nose. His hands, balled into fists from the days’ grievances, began to clench instead with excited anticipation.

He saw her face first. It was the only part of her visible above the surface of the water. The fading glow of the sun fell in her eyes and cast a pale orangey hue across her face as she came closer to the shore where Scott stood and stared. Slowly the rest of her came into view – her long neck, delicate cleavage bedecked tightly in a white bikini top, soft hips and belly, elegant legs and finally, small feet with dark varnish painted on the toes. Scott’s mouth fell open a little as he took in her astounding beauty. She had the mysterious, dreamy movements of a mermaid, long golden hair tumbling down her back and clinging damply to her smooth skin.

Like a vision she drifted towards him, her feet caressing the soft mud as she approached. As she reached him he saw her eyes were a pale blue and filled with the last light from the horizon.

He shivered suddenly despite the warm night. The beautiful girl looked up at him and his spine tingled as their eye met. She drew close to him, pressing her body against his, wetting his shirt and making him shudder with excitement as he felt the pressure of her near-naked body against his clothed one.

He put a hand under her chin, tilting her face up towards him, and slowly their lips came together and they kissed lingeringly and feverishly. He breathed heavily ‘I’m so glad you came!’

As the sun finally disappeared below the horizon, the couple sank down into the warm mud, entwined.