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First 30 Minute £ N/A £ N/A
1 hour £ N/A £ 110
2 hour £ N/A £ 210
Add an Hour £ N/A £ 100
Overnight £ N/A £ 610
Location Charges £ N/A £ 10
Age 22
Measurements 34C
Dress size 10
Complexion Fair
Build Curvy
Height 5'6"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Nationality German
Languages English / German
Sexual Orientation Straight
Incall/Outcall Outcall


In case you have not noticed we are trying to get your attention here! DING DING DING! No; it´s not the start of a boxing match or anything like that where three bell rings signal the start of each round; we just thought it might help us get your attention a little bit easier. We know that most likely these pictures have already gotten a good part if not all of your undivided attention; how could they not? Isabel is one of our new outcall escorts who is 22 years old and has a pretty incredible looking body judging from the photos that she sent us.
Isabel is a perfect example of what makes spending time with escorts in London so great; she´s young and the type of girl that just about anyone would love to spend some time with, roll around in bed or wherever else the two of you see fit to and `go a few rounds´ in an intimate kind of way. So call us up to schedule your `bout´ with this pretty young German girl; you should know how it works already. For £110 in the hour you’re going to get to go `two rounds´ with her; if you think you can last longer she´ll be more than happy to `sock it to you´ some more at a discounted rate.
When you are `wrestling´ around with Isabel or doing whatever the two of you decide to do together you do not have to worry about anyone getting hurt; the only thing that you are going to experience is joy and satisfaction… although she is a KNOCKOUT!

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Total Reviews ( 4 )

  1. From: shawn Sent on: July 29, 2017, 4:11 pm Date of Appointment: Thu Jul 27 2017 Duration:Others Looks: Performance:
    isabel had a nice body and from what I remember she had a pretty face too but I did not see that much really, she did a lot better than most girls would do trying to go down on a guy for half an hour and not coming up for much air. Great job,thanks babe see you again soon.
  2. From: Bradley Sent on: July 22, 2017, 6:17 pm Date of Appointment: Fri Jul 21 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    Of course I was a little bit leery about her not having many reviews and asked the woman that took the booking why and I was told that she just started recently, so I decided to give her a chance and it turns out that I am glad that I did. I am gladly giving her a positive review for her good looks and impressive services which I will call upon again, probably longer than an hour next time. It was a pleasure to meet you Isabel and thanks everyone.
  3. From: anonymous Sent on: July 20, 2017, 9:03 pm Date of Appointment: Mon Jul 17 2017 Duration:2 Hours Looks: Performance:
    Isabell did not have a problem at all going down on me and giving a BJ to remember. When you hear numerous times that it´s too big or that it hurts it sort of builds your ego up a little bit. Isabell knocked my ego right back down to normal where it belongs, it was an amazing time with an amazing girl!!!!!
  4. From: OSCAR Sent on: July 15, 2017, 10:33 pm Date of Appointment: Sat Jul 15 2017 Duration:1 Hour Looks: Performance:
    No matter what pose this girl strikes she looked great, she was not shy at all and was very open to suggestions to make out time together more enjoyable for me, that was nice.

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