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Our busty Nina is a new comer, fresh from Lithuania.  In this last month she has become so popular and on demand it’s unbelievable.  Her charm is bewitching!

Nina is a beautiful petite fair skinned curvy and busty long haired babe! What more can a man ask? Oh yes….the most important traits of a woman, her personality.  She is fun, talkative and full of giggles.  Nina is a delicate soft touch, she knows where and how to caress you to make you want more and more. You will give in to her in the first minute, not knowing what hit you.

Tell Nina what you want to play, she likes games.  And is keen to learn new ones. Treat her right and you will both have fun.


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Oh my, oh my! Just a look at her makes any man drool.

One-word description: Voluptuous

Ebru has finer curves than an acoustic guitar and knocking hooters.  Those luscious breasts define the meaning of perfection.  You can indulge yourself in them if you are a tit lover…… but who isn’t?

But wait, she is not just curves and breasts! Ebru is beautiful, she has a magic smile and always makes sure you have fun. She is kind hearted and likes to make people feel at home.  Of course, there is the kinky side of her that loves role play and naughty games. So you can consider yourself a lucky man!


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Angie is angelical, she has just arrived from the gardens of heaven. If you like role playing and having great fun, she is the ideal company.

This blonde angel possesses wonderful traits, to include her joyful attitude and self-confidence. Did I mention her petit curvy body waiting to be played with?

Angie is creative and adventurous, so you will not feel bored at any time, she is sexually seductive and full of energy.


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With a body to die for, Cassia is an exceptional girl. At first you will find her very feminine and friendly.  As you get to know her, you will realize she turns into a whole new sensual, sexy and naughty tease. She is humorous and easy going, pleasant to talk to.

She has a natural curvaceous body that is so soft and silky you will want to keep for-ever.  Cassia loves role playing, she says it enhances the adventure and passion of love making.

“Come, don’t be shy” she says……


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Don’t let the clean living look of Teresa in the shower there fool you. Teresa is a very naughty girl who likes to get hot and horny as often as possible, hence the frequent showering I guess. She’s one of most popular party girls which means she’s ready to join in the fun with you and stick around shooting the breeze with and sharing whatever your chosen poison is. You supply it and Teresa will try it and that goes for anything you may care to throw at her in the bedroom. She’s a lovely open minded girl who doesn’t take life too seriously and will listen to your troubles and sympathise if that’s what you feel you need.

Most of our clients are a pretty robust lot who don’t let their troubles get them down. We all book escorts for our own reasons but it’s very seldom because we are lonely. It’s also not because we can’t find a partner any other way or because we don’t respect women. These are the lies that feminists and the loony liberal left like to peddle whereas the reality is we are all just normal guys with lives and loves who have a healthy hedonistic approach to life. I here from our girls that invariably you guys are a happy bunch who just want to celebrate life and love women and I include myself in that category.

Party on dudes and keep on loving life. Teresa is a kindred spirit for all of us to celebrate.


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Shantel is a good old fashioned good time girl. She gives me a stiffy as soon as I lay eyes on her and that’s not anything she’s physically done, it’s just how she is. Maybe my reaction is more a reflection of my background because that instant reaction doesn’t always happen, even with prettier or more perfectly formed females. I think it’s because she takes me back to my teenage years and those first few fumbling awakenings. Back then there were only a few of those intrepid girls like Shantel who had maybe got there hormone boost a little earlier than most and suddenly developed these gorgeous tits bursting out of their school blouse. Us guys were all fixated and good old Shantel was up for showing us what she had. She was up for a bit of fun round the back of the school.

Was there anything sexier back then than Shantel getting all wet when you slipped a finger into her panty leg and was there anything more magical than that element of discovery as you tried to match the theory and the rumour about a girl’s body to the practical hands on reality. Without girls like Shantel we would have been left to figure it out with a crusty copy of Penthouse and those awful sex education lessons. No, girls like Shantel were there then and she’s here now, still getting all wet when you press her buttons.

Still I remember with great affection the excitement of those days and even if you are much younger than me and maybe grew up in a time where girls were more demanding and more open to exploring their sexuality you can still appreciate a naughty girl when you meet one. Shantel is a lovely horny young lady with great tits and an adventurous nature and that my favourite kind of girl any day of the week.