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A thankful return for Odalys after an extended break and boy is she pleased to be back. This girl is such a pretty little thing that it’s been hard not having her smiley face around. She’s lovely with you guys and enjoys what she does which makes things so much easier. When a girl gets off on meeting guys then it’s got to be the biggest turn on hasn’t it? Maybe it’s just me but I love it when an escort girl responds and makes you feel like you’ve really made a connection. Maybe that’s just me and my ego talking. Maybe you couldn’t care less I don’t know but she is a very special girl in my eyes and I love having her…and you will too if you call us and book the babe.

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Bless her, this lovely young girl is Chanell. She’s only 19 and barely out of her school uniform. We can put her back in that uniform if you give us a little notice. It still fits her and she looked very fetching in it when she came to the office. She tried on some clothes, so we could get an idea of her sizing and then put her in the clothes that she likes to wear. It’s a tough job interviewing these young escorts but of course, someone has to put them through their paces and make sure that they are on the same page as the rest of us. Sorry to use a bit of corporate speak there. Obviously we have to check them out before they are allowed anywhere near you guys. That’s how we can be sure that you are going to enjoy a great date with young Chanell here. She is anything but slow in coming forward. God if only the girls at my school way back when had been this well prepared. I’d have lost my cherry a lot earlier and avoided all the trouble and worry associated with getting laid for the first time. Give us a call and lets get this pretty little thing off to a flying start in her escort career.

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What a find…Anya contacted us and we couldn’t believe our luck. Such a charming and warmly welcoming girl who is a true party girl. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather settle down for the evening with to spend some quality time getting to know. You’ll find out pretty quickly that this girl is up for most things and raring to get on and make a name for herself in this great city. She’s going to be a big hit with our clients I know that for a fact. I can’t wait to introduce her to our discerning clientele.

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Occasionally we come across a girl who is truly outstanding. The kind of girl who turns heads in the street and has a real presence. Marilyn is one of those girls. She is jaw droppingly pretty. Gut wrenchingly moreish and heart breakingly unattainable…apart from on an hourly basis when she is anything but unattainable. That is the great thing about an encounter with Marilyn. You get to spend time with a beautiful young woman who is very friendly, uninhibited and attentive. A true star of the industry and an essential date for any red blooded male with a pulse.

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Very stunning, very classy with a beautiful smile and those sexy cheeky eyes so deep you will fall under her spell .
Someone you would be proud to have on your arm; an excellent party girl !
She is exceptional… bubbly, affectionate, gorgeous and intelligent, the whole package.
Mia is simply the epitome of absolute beauty. She really is a visual treat
Mia has everything – exceptional natural beauty and an amazing personality.
You will want ro kiss and cuddle her all night long and never let her go. Mia is one of a kind!
There is no other super busty Asian escort in the UK like her

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I thought Italian girls were a little prim and proper till I met Linda. That strict catholic upbringing obviously passed our Linda by somehow because she is anything but backward in coming forward. You only need to observe the way she’s put together to understand that when God put a body like that under a face like that he wasn’t thinking about ‘getting thee to a nunnery’ he was thinking Adam’s gonna love this one lets get some loaves and fishes and some water and party on dudes. Enough blasphemy from me I think and I will surely now rot in hell for all eternity…I’m guessing that the way Linda handles a man she won’t be far behind me. So that’s a result right?

Lovely Linda is ALL woman (that statement takes on a whole new significance in the Transgender world we now live in) and she loves to party on down and keep you guys as happy as well Larry I guess…whoever HE might be.

If you book Linda please leave a review to let fellow punters know how it went

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