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WOW! I´ll be tickled pink, did I hear someone say BREASTS?

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I do not know about you but sometimes when I hear the names of some of the new girls that we find here in London wanting to work for our escort agency some pretty strange thoughts and words seem to enter my mind. Likely it does not happen to you because I highly doubt that you sit there all day just looking at pictures of girls like I do… I guess you could say that it´s my job. Cool job eh? Yeah it´s not bad but you chaps are the lucky ones. (I´m hoping)  I say that because I hope that you are not as busy as I am working and stuck just looking at the photos. You have our consent to go ahead and keep the ball rolling forward and make meeting Anastasia a reality for you.
So I was talking about some thoughts and words for you about when I hear some of the girl’s names; what do you want to hear? I can tell you anything you want me to, heh heh. Or I could just tell you to book her and not say another word at all but that would be a little rude and we never want to be like that of course. All right… when I hear this name here’s what I get out of it; anesthesia, pulling teeth, dentists, doctors, nurses and pain. How is that for a load on the brain?  I´m used to it though so don´t worry about me, I´ll be just fine; it´s not like my noggin (head) is going to explode or anything like that. It´s a little strange that most of those things are what most normal persons would not like or do not care for… I said most persons…
Judging from Anastasia’s photos I would say that we won´t have to pull any of your teeth out or inflict any pain upon you to get you to make an appointment to go and meet her. It´s going to be quite the encounter; she does in fact not mind providing a little bit of domination specialties to clients, to what extreme we will not know for sure until you go and find out and let us know. She just may have some outfits to dress up in and make your fantasies come true too; maybe even a naughty nurses outfit. After you spend some time with her and are all relieved of everything you want to be relieved of… you are going to feel sort of high; like you are just coming off a local anesthesia, which is bound to feel good. Just be careful if you’re driving yourself home.

If you date a girl please leave a review. Our ‘Review of the Week’ wins a free Incall!

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