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Our busty Nina is a new comer, fresh from Lithuania.  In this last month she has become so popular and on demand it’s unbelievable.  Her charm is bewitching!

Nina is a beautiful petite fair skinned curvy and busty long haired babe! What more can a man ask? Oh yes….the most important traits of a woman, her personality.  She is fun, talkative and full of giggles.  Nina is a delicate soft touch, she knows where and how to caress you to make you want more and more. You will give in to her in the first minute, not knowing what hit you.

Tell Nina what you want to play, she likes games.  And is keen to learn new ones. Treat her right and you will both have fun.


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Elsa is a high class curvy petite brunette with an all-natural voluptuous body and pretty face. She knows how to adjust to any personality and how to please a man.

She is busy building her career as a professional designer, she is quite creative and stylish.  She hopes to be a part of a renowned modeling agency where she can prove her natural talent in design.

Her wittiness and charm are a plus when you are with her, she will make your experience a memorable one. Elsa will make you forget all your daily life worries with her tenacious and naughty sexual appeal. Just don’t fall in love with her because she can also be sweet, tender and cuddly.


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Belle is a slim, tan skinned and curvaceous love instrument.  Working hard in the Israeli kibbutz really paid off, she has a tight round ass, strong sexy legs and perfectly shaped succulent breasts.
Imagine her bending over picking carrots under the hot desert sun.  Wouldn’t you want to be the guy behind her to help her reach down while she rubs her tight buttocks on your crotch?

Now that she is here in London, it is possible. She wants to be your land so that you can plant in her all the fun in you.

Role playing is her game, satisfaction is her name.  Dare try the kibbutz experience?


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Inna is sex on legs. If you had to explain sex appeal to an ET visiting the earth for the first time introduce them to Inna and they will get the message in five minutes flat. The fact is that some girls are born with sex appeal and some have it thrust upon them. Inna was born for this life. She oozes sex appeal and believe me, when she came along for interview, it was one of the shortest on record and that’s not a bad thing in the circumstances. It wasn’t a matter of her rushing me, it was a matter of me trying desperately to hold back long enough to make the whole process a fair representation of her skills. You have to at least try to put these girls through their paces. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, otherwise how can I honestly sit here and tell you about Inna if my own lack of stamina renders the interview process unsatisfactory. Well believe me it was hard but with an immense show of will power and the mental gymnastics of trying remember the Arsenal dream team side I lasted long enough to do her justice.

Inna is a phenomenon and believe me when I say ladies like this don’t come along every day. Totally focused, skills that the wife only achieved over many years of trial and error (mostly error to be fair) and all done with a smile and a very sexy voice. If you took Holly Willoughby and surgically removed all the wholesomeness and pumped her full of female Viagra then you’d be getting close to what’s going on under Inna’s bonnet.

Gentlemen start your engines!