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Pamela is not a girl you would want to miss out on being with. Whenever she flips her wavy, blonde hair, a wave of beauty hits you. She is the type of girl you’ll want for keeps because she is the real deal. Her curves are well measured; she gives a new meaning to perfection and elegance.  She has a simple nature, and this is what makes her attractive to her clients. Her one-piece, sexy lingerie grabs her in the right places in all the right ways. She has a big, round booty which I would say is her most admirable feature.

Her skin is smooth and evenly toned and just looking at her gives you a tingly feeling. She has a body like a goddess, perfected to the last detail. She may appear submissive and gentle in these pictures, but with a body like hers, you better be ready to see her in extreme sex mode.

She is a cup size 32B which is just the perfect size – not too large or too small. This is definitely covered for by her extra-large booty. But believe me, one she takes her lingerie off, you’ll be more than pleased with how sexy she is. She is loved by all of her clients, and you will love her too. Pamela’s natural blonde hair makes her a fetish that most men want to experience. Who would want to pass a moment with this work of art? She was carefully chosen to suit the needs of every man interested in blondes.

Most men get really excited when they get a chance to meet with Pamela. She is easy to talk to, and she is skilled in the sheets. She is available for outcall escort service which makes it even better for the man who prefers to meet with her in their home or in a hotel room.

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Jully is an Eastern European girl. According to me, she denotes everything ‘tight.’ From her long legs, small bubble ass to her beautiful, long, curly hair seating on her perfect head exemplifies the tightness I am talking about. Don’t you wish yourself some tight things? There is a lot of that at 24 Carat services and Jully is a definite example. Her nimble body permits her to do crazy things and you’re welcome to try out new stuff with her. With Jully, there are two things involved. You either wish to be beside her or with her, that is, either in public or in private. The fact remains that you are with her. She has a jovial personality that is likely to bring out yours. There is nothing like having yourself some sexy fun!

Jully perfect feature literally lies on her chest. The first glare on her perfect bosom will render you blind. Almost in disbelief, you will shut and open our eyes just to make sure. It happens all the time (and do not quote me on this) when you meet her. Her golden smile through her plump lips is inviting and her beautiful eyes are a window into her beautiful soul. You will feel normal around Francesca as she endeavors to make you comfortable and relaxed especially during new experiments. Bulgarian girls are known for taking their time to look good, love themselves and are secure. Jully will make you feel the same.

Her long legs make Barbie doll come to life. I say this because Barbie dolls are made to perfection and somehow seem unreal. Jully is the same. Why not have a real, life-sized doll to play with in ways you can only imagine? Contact us at 24 Carat and witness what I’m talking about.

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Luna, one of our most treasured girls, always goes the extra mile to impress her clients. She is a mature escort, but her body definitely says differently. She has well-crafted curves flowing graciously from her bosom to her legs. The first things you’d notice on Luna are her breasts. She’s a natural size 34DD, and her two coconuts are prone to jiggle around every time she walks. If you have a fetish for brown-haired, sexy women, this escort is the complete package for you.

Luna has a mature body that is irresistible to anyone who sets eyes on her. She has legs for days, and she’s not shy about them. Once she sports on her black, strappy stilettos, her round, bubbly booty pops out even more, and you get a clearer view of what you are about to have. Her Columbian structure is enticing. These photos just give you a sneak peek of the real deal. Trust me; you will be blown away by the nasty things that Luna will do to you. She oozes confidence and perfection. When she throws a smile at you, you will find it hard not to fall in love with her. Her lace lingerie is irresistible, but you will be even more pleased by what lies underneath. Her skin is all tight, if you know what I mean, and her flexibility is astounding too.

Luna knows what to do and say to get her clients excited. You’ll be glad to know that she is bisexual, so ladies, she’s a catch! She is a charmer, and she has her way with words.  She speaks both English and Spanish. When she whispers in Spanish into your ears, you will immediately be blown away. Be sure to get a taste of this sexy, curvy mature escort as soon as NOW!

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Naughty. That is the first thought that comes to mind when you look at Nelly. She is sexy, and she knows it. This brunette babe is a fantasy come through. She is the ideal model-like escort. Look at how slim, curvy and busty her body is. She is the kind of girl whose half-naked body picture you would hang on your bedroom wall and stare at all day. She is also intimating. You can tell by her seductive stare that clearly, she will have control over you in the bedroom. She loves the colors black and red, and her lingerie is proof of this. Check out how her fishnet stockings outline her well-toned thighs and make her even hotter.

Nelly has firm breasts that have a certain tenderness to them. She loves to have those two babies out for you to see, and if you are lucky enough to book her, you get a chance to grab them in your hands and play with them. Nelly likes to dress up for her clients, almost as much as she loves undressing for them. Her red stilettos make her legs longer and her booty raised and very little is left to the imagination once she takes off her lingerie for you. She has full lips and brown eyes that see through to your deepest desires. Speaking of which, if Spanish-speaking hot babes are your fetish, this gal is about to give you the most memorable sexual experience of a lifetime.

She is a darling who loves to play naughty all the time. She knows how to take bedroom behavior to the extreme, and she is into toys and rough sex, I mean, look at the sex handcuffs on her wrist. Her curves roll smoothly down her waist to her hips; book her now and get a firsthand experience with Nelly.

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I will tell you as a favor, man to man or man to woman. Pointblank! Erika will blow your mind. Erika is the very definition that the word curvaceous would have been created. To describe her curvy body with the word curvaceous could also be an understatement. I think it’s only fair that we begin looking for a better way to define the nature of Erika’s curves. My first glance at her gave me a ‘tom and jerry’ moment – my eyes fell off my sockets and my tongue dropped off to the ground. You know the feeling when you have a beautiful lady in front of you and she is walking directly towards you, your heart beats hard, your smile seems forced and your voice cuts off, that is your first glance at Erika from Colombia.

Colombian ladies are almost like Brazil ladies in terms of physique. They have round asses and busty boobs even though they are slim. Colombian girls are known all over the world as some of the sexiest creatures on earth. A quick look at Erika would render this statement true. Her big but tight ass renders a feeling of having them bounce in front of your face. Her filled petite tits conjure and support the same feeling. Your first glance of her would want her just rubbing her butt against you.

Erika dances so well too, her body moves so flawlessly and will take you away from your vicinity to the invigorating environments of Salsa dancing in Cali. Seeing her move makes you agree that that’s the sole purpose she was created. Erika in a dress is a fire moment; the garment hugs her curves almost to imply that if it leaves, it dies and when it does, it does so effortlessly, inviting you in.

Ultimately, she is caring and passionate at all times; a true definition of a Colombian woman.

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You know that sometimes you just take one look at a girl and you know that she’s got a very naughty side to her…and I’m not talking shoplifting here. I mean in the bedroom or any other room for that matter. Alysa is one of those girls. It only takes one look from her to get my underpants jiggling like a couple of ferrets fighting in a sack. That’s because there’s nothing us guys like more than the anticipation of what’s to come and when you open the door and find Alysa standing before you. It’s not just physical, it’s mental what a great escort girl does to us. They can seduce us with just a look or the lightest of touches. Alysa knows men back to front and she plays us like a concert pianist. Why not be her Steinway for the evening?


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If you spotted Aysha in a bar with your friends it would definitely be a collective sigh followed by the inevitable exclamation…’look at the arse on that !!’. The Bubble Butt she’s cultivated is stunning and if you think it looks good in a bar with lycra stretched across it then I tell you from behind when it’s pitched in the air and Aysha’s looking back at you ready to receive what God gave you…it is effin awesome. It’s certainly a view that I won’t forget in a hurry and it just begs you to slip it a length and ride Aysha hard and long. That’s why she’s built the way she is…it’s no coincidence. Aysha is so much more than that and you mustn’t overlook her other attributes which includes a very healthy appetite for guys like us. It’s all good my friends.


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Samantha is one of the rare ones. She is new in our escort agency, but we’ve seen the things she can do. But before I tell you all of that, let me take a moment to introduce you t this angel. She has wavy, glowy blonde hair that falls effortlessly over her shoulders. When you stare at her big, brown eyes, you will find it pretty hard to look away. There’s something she does with her lips that is so seductive; see the way she bites her fingers, it could drive any man crazy. And her jawline and cheekbones, we definitely bagged a model when we hired her.

You can tell that Samantha loves her body from how she always has her hands all over her. She is slim with a thin waist that amplifies her already huge boobs and booty. She is a cup size 34D, and she’s proud of it. Her breasts are round like coconuts and tightly held on her chest, and she loves to let them loose. Don’t you just want to touch them right now? I know I’d want to. Her legs are heaven-sent. This is why I call her an angel. Her hips are perfectly curved out to fit perfectly on her. Again, her waist really gives you a strong illusion of a huger ass than Pamela has. Her butt is not too large to handle or too small to satisfy you; you should watch how it bounces from side to side when she walks nude in her stilettos. Her thighs get narrower down her legs, and they are so tight and well toned. It’s almost unreal! She loves to put on her tiny lingerie pieces or none at all just so that you have a great look at her body the whole time.

If you would like to have Samantha whisper some dirty things to you in Portuguese mixed with Spanish and English, make your booking right now!