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Shantel is a good old fashioned good time girl. She gives me a stiffy as soon as I lay eyes on her and that’s not anything she’s physically done, it’s just how she is. Maybe my reaction is more a reflection of my background because that instant reaction doesn’t always happen, even with prettier or more perfectly formed females. I think it’s because she takes me back to my teenage years and those first few fumbling awakenings. Back then there were only a few of those intrepid girls like Shantel who had maybe got there hormone boost a little earlier than most and suddenly developed these gorgeous tits bursting out of their school blouse. Us guys were all fixated and good old Shantel was up for showing us what she had. She was up for a bit of fun round the back of the school.

Was there anything sexier back then than Shantel getting all wet when you slipped a finger into her panty leg and was there anything more magical than that element of discovery as you tried to match the theory and the rumour about a girl’s body to the practical hands on reality. Without girls like Shantel we would have been left to figure it out with a crusty copy of Penthouse and those awful sex education lessons. No, girls like Shantel were there then and she’s here now, still getting all wet when you press her buttons.

Still I remember with great affection the excitement of those days and even if you are much younger than me and maybe grew up in a time where girls were more demanding and more open to exploring their sexuality you can still appreciate a naughty girl when you meet one. Shantel is a lovely horny young lady with great tits and an adventurous nature and that my favourite kind of girl any day of the week.


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In my opinion the best bum in our stable of many, many bottoms, but then that’s just my opinion and I know the modern trend is for the big booty. So who am I to tell anyone what bum to like. Claudia compliments her derriere with a warm nature and the passion that only the Latina truly brings to proceedings. I love Latina girls they are fiery and passionate and the perfect choice as escort girls. If only more South America girls would come our way. We’d take as many as we can get so if you have one spare living in your box room then please feel free to bring her along and introduce her to us. We will look after her for you don’t worry.

Claudia is a lovely young lady with smooth olive skin and a really cute figure that reflects her love of dancing and keeping herself in shape. She tells me she’s not a great fan of the gym but enjoys taking her dog out for long walks in the Royal parks. As we speak I’m reaching for the lead and dragging the pooch reluctantly to the door in search of Claudia and her like. Sadly when I walk the dog I only seem to meet those crazy old ladies with an equally crazy dog in tow. To be honest I don’t care how she keeps fit. Just keep on doing what you’re doing love because it’s working a treat.

If you would like to join the great Claudia bum debate you’re need to book her to have an informed opinion. That’s a happy coincidence because that’s what we are here to help you do. It couldn’t be simpler. Just call us on the above numbers or text us if you prefer and we’ll have Claudia lowering her sweet bottom onto whatever part of your extremity you feel most appropriate in two shakes of a pooches tail. God I love this escort lark it’s awesome when you got girls like Claudia to meet and have fun with.


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Samantha is one of the rare ones. She is new in our escort agency, but we’ve seen the things she can do. But before I tell you all of that, let me take a moment to introduce you t this angel. She has wavy, glowy blonde hair that falls effortlessly over her shoulders. When you stare at her big, brown eyes, you will find it pretty hard to look away. There’s something she does with her lips that is so seductive; see the way she bites her fingers, it could drive any man crazy. And her jawline and cheekbones, we definitely bagged a model when we hired her.

You can tell that Samantha loves her body from how she always has her hands all over her. She is slim with a thin waist that amplifies her already huge boobs and booty. She is a cup size 34D, and she’s proud of it. Her breasts are round like coconuts and tightly held on her chest, and she loves to let them loose. Don’t you just want to touch them right now? I know I’d want to. Her legs are heaven-sent. This is why I call her an angel. Her hips are perfectly curved out to fit perfectly on her. Again, her waist really gives you a strong illusion of a huger ass than Pamela has. Her butt is not too large to handle or too small to satisfy you; you should watch how it bounces from side to side when she walks nude in her stilettos. Her thighs get narrower down her legs, and they are so tight and well toned. It’s almost unreal! She loves to put on her tiny lingerie pieces or none at all just so that you have a great look at her body the whole time.

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Bruna has one of those cute looks that drive you wild with passion. She is sexy, charming and affectionate. This adorable lady knows exactly what it takes to ensure you a high class time. Bruna is a sweet lady indeed, and trust me that she´ll give you a special time that won’t be easy to forget.
She is warm and full of loving, this young lady is as sweet as sugar and ever so tasty, and her friendly nature makes her the ideal companion for any desires you may be fantasizing about. Bruna is a lady who will make your time spent together with her a heavenly experience for the both of you. You are just one call away from meeting this hot adorable babe.
You are really going to enjoy and love spending time with this young woman. She is very open-minded and provides most services. (Call for details) It´s hard to find girls which are willing to provide such a multitude of services. Fortunately we have Bruna safely tucked under our wings here at 24C. She really enjoys what she does; call now to meet this young new Brazilian.

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Our nice list of available London Escorts is growing larger every day! We are very thrilled to offer you such a great assortment of girls. We have had many different types of girls coming through the doors lately so we are putting them on. Sometimes they only work a few days and we do not hear from them again, but don´t worry because we will always have a nice selection of them available.
You better check daily as the turn-around is so high. We do everything we can possibly do to try and keep them busy but we need your help! Most all of it depends on you! Renata is our latest offering to you. She certainly has THE BODY and THE BREASTS! This 23 year old busty Brazilian girl is going to be your new ATF! She is a bubbly girl with a charming personality and NICE 34D´s!
She does just outcalls and you can book her for an hour or for however long you think you can handle this girl for. You´ll need lots of energy to meet and satisfy all of her needs… she will easily satisfy all of yours!

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