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Belle is a slim, tan skinned and curvaceous love instrument.  Working hard in the Israeli kibbutz really paid off, she has a tight round ass, strong sexy legs and perfectly shaped succulent breasts.
Imagine her bending over picking carrots under the hot desert sun.  Wouldn’t you want to be the guy behind her to help her reach down while she rubs her tight buttocks on your crotch?

Now that she is here in London, it is possible. She wants to be your land so that you can plant in her all the fun in you.

Role playing is her game, satisfaction is her name.  Dare try the kibbutz experience?


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Alexia is an exuberant party girl willing to fulfill your everyday needs. She is a slim, busty Lithuanian blond in search of respectful well-groomed gentleman who knows how to make a girl feel like a woman.

She is an all-natural playful girl, soft and cuddly when she is treated like a lady.  That is why you have to play your cards right.  She is into fitness, meeting new people, listening to music, partying, dancing and more. She would like you to join her in these adventures and be a part of her daily adventures. Once you play with Alexia, you will be coming back for more. Her naughty games have no limits.



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Besides being hot and curvy, Alecxandra is intelligent. Coming from a prominent Hungarian family, she has acquired style and elegance.  Not to mention her natural beauty and sensuality. She describes herself as easy going and loves slow dancing, it turns her on she says.

Have you ever been with a beautiful and intelligent woman? Alecxandra has, ask her what it’s like. She loves telling kinky stories before bed, it helps her sleep better.  Maybe she needs some company in order to sleep better.

Alex, as she prefers to be called, is ready to please your every need. Also willing to teach you a few tricks herself, are you keen?


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Our pretty Alpha is here to make you feel Beta all the way to Omega. I have a feeling that Alpha was raised in an Austrian farm because she sure knows how to ride, don’t ask me how I know, I heard about it.

Our lovely blonde is gifted with a pair of perfect 32Bs, long silky legs and a hidden treasure we pirates know how to find.  She is up to pretty much anything, anything naughty.

Alpha graduated with honors from the Austrian School of Love, leaving behind a few inconsolable professors and colleagues. Yet she is ready to pursue her Masters here in London, so please, feel the urge to enlighten her.


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Oh my, oh my! Just a look at her makes any man drool.

One-word description: Voluptuous

Ebru has finer curves than an acoustic guitar and knocking hooters.  Those luscious breasts define the meaning of perfection.  You can indulge yourself in them if you are a tit lover…… but who isn’t?

But wait, she is not just curves and breasts! Ebru is beautiful, she has a magic smile and always makes sure you have fun. She is kind hearted and likes to make people feel at home.  Of course, there is the kinky side of her that loves role play and naughty games. So you can consider yourself a lucky man!


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Angie is angelical, she has just arrived from the gardens of heaven. If you like role playing and having great fun, she is the ideal company.

This blonde angel possesses wonderful traits, to include her joyful attitude and self-confidence. Did I mention her petit curvy body waiting to be played with?

Angie is creative and adventurous, so you will not feel bored at any time, she is sexually seductive and full of energy.