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Big Bouncy and very anxious to please, that’s our Nicole. A happy go lucky Latina whose loving her time in London and getting very fond of our discerning clients. Well I guess we just got to make her feel welcome and treat her like the lady that she is. Lady being the operative word but don’t get the idea that Nicole is backwards at coming forwards. She loves the company of guys and with those tits it’s hardly surprising that she gets an awful lot of attention. She tells me she’s always been popular…ever since puberty thrust her to the front of the gene pool queue.

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Amira epitomizes the beauty of a Bulgarian girl. Her long silky smooth legs paired with her long black hair compliments her hazel colored eyes pitting her as a goddess from Eastern Europe. She definitely represents the playfulness of playful escorts with her kinky giggles amidst your company. Her looks are close to perfect and her gaze denotes nothing but cuteness. Her boobs are perfect and will fill your hands with all degrees of soft. Her voice is golden and once she gets to speaking Spanish, she will blow your mind. There is nothing that can beat the company of an exotic girl who offers you companionship for the time your together.
Amira ’s stunning personality will stand out in a crowd; she is not to be missed! Her charming attitude will prompt you to forget your problems and escape into a world of fantasy. This can make you fall in love and I tell you, this as a warning! Beware not to fall in love or addicted because playful escorts will not entertain that kind of interference over one of its girls.
Amira is only available for outcall services. She will go down to your location in London and give you an hour of fantastic play. Play with her supple breasts; view her in her full entirety. Stop salivating for something you can have to your own. Get to run your hands through her silky red hair slide an ice cube through her smooth skin down to her warm thighs or just spank her bottom till they turn pink. There is an endless list of activities you can do with Daniela even when you are new to this. She will carefully take you through the paces and introduce you to new sensations, sensations you have not thought about. By being Bulgarian, she will take good care of you and be willing as well as curious about new things. Daniela is eager to learn new things from you.


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Pamela is not a girl you would want to miss out on being with. Whenever she flips her wavy, blonde hair, a wave of beauty hits you. She is the type of girl you’ll want for keeps because she is the real deal. Her curves are well measured; she gives a new meaning to perfection and elegance.  She has a simple nature, and this is what makes her attractive to her clients. Her one-piece, sexy lingerie grabs her in the right places in all the right ways. She has a big, round booty which I would say is her most admirable feature.

Her skin is smooth and evenly toned and just looking at her gives you a tingly feeling. She has a body like a goddess, perfected to the last detail. She may appear submissive and gentle in these pictures, but with a body like hers, you better be ready to see her in extreme sex mode.

She is a cup size 32B which is just the perfect size – not too large or too small. This is definitely covered for by her extra-large booty. But believe me, one she takes her lingerie off, you’ll be more than pleased with how sexy she is. She is loved by all of her clients, and you will love her too. Pamela’s natural blonde hair makes her a fetish that most men want to experience. Who would want to pass a moment with this work of art? She was carefully chosen to suit the needs of every man interested in blondes.

Most men get really excited when they get a chance to meet with Pamela. She is easy to talk to, and she is skilled in the sheets. She is available for outcall escort service which makes it even better for the man who prefers to meet with her in their home or in a hotel room.

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Jully is an Eastern European girl. According to me, she denotes everything ‘tight.’ From her long legs, small bubble ass to her beautiful, long, curly hair seating on her perfect head exemplifies the tightness I am talking about. Don’t you wish yourself some tight things? There is a lot of that at 24 Carat services and Jully is a definite example. Her nimble body permits her to do crazy things and you’re welcome to try out new stuff with her. With Jully, there are two things involved. You either wish to be beside her or with her, that is, either in public or in private. The fact remains that you are with her. She has a jovial personality that is likely to bring out yours. There is nothing like having yourself some sexy fun!

Jully perfect feature literally lies on her chest. The first glare on her perfect bosom will render you blind. Almost in disbelief, you will shut and open our eyes just to make sure. It happens all the time (and do not quote me on this) when you meet her. Her golden smile through her plump lips is inviting and her beautiful eyes are a window into her beautiful soul. You will feel normal around Francesca as she endeavors to make you comfortable and relaxed especially during new experiments. Bulgarian girls are known for taking their time to look good, love themselves and are secure. Jully will make you feel the same.

Her long legs make Barbie doll come to life. I say this because Barbie dolls are made to perfection and somehow seem unreal. Jully is the same. Why not have a real, life-sized doll to play with in ways you can only imagine? Contact us at 24 Carat and witness what I’m talking about.

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