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With her model like good looks and a passion for brief encounters Sharon stands out even in the crowded Escort location that is Queensway. Yes of course we know that you are spoilt for choice in W2. It’s a magnet for all things hedonistic. As you sit there sucking on your Shisha watching the World go by or struggling to get your ice skates off at Queen’s club please give a moment’s thought for Sharon. She’s sitting waiting for a guy just like you to give her a call. She’s up against stiff opposition from girls that you frankly don’t want to know who will take you for a ride and spit you out the other end like you were nothing. Lots of girls in Queensway working the tourists on the basis they’ll never see you again so no point in looking after you properly. Sharon is not like that and we would not let her be even if she wanted to be.  Sharon will look after you properly so book with confidence guys.


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Like the glasses? Yes I do too. I must admit I favour the teacher/ pupil or boss/secretary role-play scenario and those glasses bring it all to mind. Would you like me to take this down sir?…Yes Anja start with your panties we’ll get onto the dictation later. She is a kind of teacher anyway. I certainly learnt a few things when I interviewed her that’s for sure and frankly after all these years I thought I’d seen it all but Anja had a few moves that even I hadn’t experienced before. I’m not spilling the beans you’re going to have to find that out for yourself. Good luck with that. Let’s face it we all had a crush on a teacher at school didn’t we? Now is the time to call on those memories and let little Miss Anja put the record straight and turn the memory of that boring detention you suffered into the fantasy that you imagined at the time.


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If you spotted Aysha in a bar with your friends it would definitely be a collective sigh followed by the inevitable exclamation…’look at the arse on that !!’. The Bubble Butt she’s cultivated is stunning and if you think it looks good in a bar with lycra stretched across it then I tell you from behind when it’s pitched in the air and Aysha’s looking back at you ready to receive what God gave you…it is effin awesome. It’s certainly a view that I won’t forget in a hurry and it just begs you to slip it a length and ride Aysha hard and long. That’s why she’s built the way she is…it’s no coincidence. Aysha is so much more than that and you mustn’t overlook her other attributes which includes a very healthy appetite for guys like us. It’s all good my friends.


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Yes it’s a bizarre choice of name (not her real one obviously) but nevertheless Nur is not to be missed. She’s an exquisite Spanish girl with beautiful olive skin and the sexiest body you’ll see this side of Marbella. How does she keep that body in shape I asked her. Well apparently it’s all down to The Pineapple Dance studio. My advice is get your lycra leotard on and your leg warmers and get down there and see if you can pick up Nor in the more traditional way…then when you come to your senses and have showered…give us a call and we’ll hook the two of you for a post work out work out Escort style.


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A stunning looking girl Lora is that cute neighbour who you’ve passed in the street who always gives you a lovely warm smile. She’s the bosses secretary at work who always has time for a chat or that cute nurse who checked out your ankle when you fell off the kerb and limped into A&E. She’s your older sisters best friend who you could always chat to but felt shy of because you were in love with her…really just because she looked straight at you and listened to what you had to say. Lora is special yet unremarkable at the same time. There are Lora’s all around us yet we so seldom get to date them. Usually because they’ve been snapped up by the first guy who laid eyes on them…and of course they are too nice to ever do anything behind his back. This is your chance to date a Lora.


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WOW! I´ll be tickled pink, did I hear someone say BREASTS?


It’s all about the tits with Karina. She has huge breasts and she loves it when you play with them as long as you’re gentle about it. Remember they are attached to her and are living things so please don’t grab at them like they are slippery rugby balls…soft hands guys please. Your tenderness will get you your reward as Karina responds very naturally to your touch. She loves the attention of men. She thrives on it and mores’ to the point it makes her horny. We don’t really talk much about what the girls get out of these brief encounters. You probably think it’s ALL about the money. Most guys do but that’s not always true. Karina enjoys what she does. She gets off on your reaction to her and provided you are respectful, clean and attentive (I certainly can’t take my eyes off her). She will give back as much as you give her.



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In case you have not noticed we are trying to get your attention here! DING DING DING! No; it´s not the start of a boxing match or anything like that where three bell rings signal the start of each round; we just thought it might help us get your attention a little bit easier. We know that most likely these pictures have already gotten a good part if not all of your undivided attention; how could they not? Isabel is one of our new outcall escorts who is 22 years old and has a pretty incredible looking body judging from the photos that she sent us.
Isabel is a perfect example of what makes spending time with escorts in London so great; she´s young and the type of girl that just about anyone would love to spend some time with, roll around in bed or wherever else the two of you see fit to and `go a few rounds´ in an intimate kind of way. So call us up to schedule your `bout´ with this pretty young German girl; you should know how it works already. For £110 in the hour you’re going to get to go `two rounds´ with her; if you think you can last longer she´ll be more than happy to `sock it to you´ some more at a discounted rate.
When you are `wrestling´ around with Isabel or doing whatever the two of you decide to do together you do not have to worry about anyone getting hurt; the only thing that you are going to experience is joy and satisfaction… although she is a KNOCKOUT!

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Well the cultural phenomenon of the 1960´s British Invasion is long over now but here at 24 Carat we are starting to sort of see one of our own in a way with some of these women that we have been lucky enough to find lately. I do not know how or why we have been so lucky and blessed to have a few more nice British girls to offer you and you are going to love them to bits. We know you already do but it´s just very possible that after meeting our latest finds you are going to love them even more. Of course the one you happen to be looking at is one of them; guys we´d like you to meet Mercedes!
Mercedes in a way I guess you could say is barely a woman… no, I do not mean that she has some other kind anatomy on her body that does not belong there or anything like that. (Laughs) I say that because she only 18 years old; if you like a young girl you will not find one any younger than her here… actually thinking about it now I believe we do have one other youngster here that is just 18 years old as well; that would be Valery our slim Bulgarian girl who does outcalls, but we´re not concerned about her at the moment, Mercedes is the discussion that were `throwing out´ on the floor right now.
One of the first things you´ll notice about her beside her sheer beauty when you meet her is her height. You may not be able to tell from looking at the photos and if you didn´t pay too close of attention to her details she is listed as being only five feet two inches tall. I don´t think it´s a mistake as far as I know because I sadly have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet but if you like a small petite girl with a spinner type body you are not going to find one any better than her. Call us now so we can get the two of you together where you can pay a little better attention to each other is some very good ways. If you are interested Ava is another new British & Pakistani mixed race girl who is really worth the time and money too.

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