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Your experience with Kayla is going to be on top of the world! Your first look at her, I promise, your eyes will stay glued to her. First, at 5’7”, Kayla is a tall glass of water that is set to quench your thirst. Second, her blonde hair comes out as unique for an Italian girl. Her teasing tits are not to look away from; just give in and enjoy their perkiness. At most, these are the kind of boobs you get to see but cannot touch. Here at 24 Carat, we promise that you can look, touch, feel and play with. No more fantasizing about Kayla’s kind of boobs.

Kayla is a playful girl and can get feisty at times. You will be fully entertained by her personality and definitely keep coming back for more. My first notion of her was a runway model. She sat beside other girls at 24 Carat lobby and my thoughts precisely were that she had escorted one of the new girls. A more directed stare at her revealed the contrary; Kayla put her soft hands to hold up her chin, I followed the effortless movement of her hands down her slender neck. At that moment I felt my hand should have been there just to prove whether her skin was as smooth as it looked. She took her left leg and placed it over her right precisely to offer a peep squeak of what lies underneath. My head followed to a rude disappointment of not catching a glimpse of anything. It was at this moment that I realized Kayla to be a new addition to 24 Carat family.

Come and be part of Kayla’s world; good conversation, excellent fashion and parties that do not disappoint. Kayla is full of spunk; she is fun and very passionate. With Kayla, you are in for the ride of your life all aspects considered.

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Nothing beats the feeling of a beautiful Italian girl whispering gibberish into your ears in Italian. Ivy will rock your world. But you have to be careful not to be knocked off your boots because that is what Ivy would do to you. If you think you can handle a strong personality Italian lady, give us a call for a booking. She is so special and unique that we only have her available for incall escort services.

Ivy is sexy-slim with a popping ass and boobs. She is cute and her long brown hair extenuates her beauty to a whole other level. Her infectious smile invigorates your deepest feelings; something you may not be able to comprehend at first but could get used to. Ivy is a different kind of girl altogether. She pays attention to her beauty. Being Italian, her fashion forwardness just comes naturally and the way she smells! It is heavenly, meant only for the gods. Her foreign accent has a way of arousing your deeper, inner desires. You cannot have enough of her but our prices are affordable and you can get hourly extensions to your satisfaction.

Ivy is sexy and spicy justifying the Italian stereotype of being one of a kind. The best analogy of describing am Italian girl is a tornado; they gain momentum and never stop. Ivy will take you to the edge and back. Her personality and passion are feisty just like the Italian bull. Visit us to get the ride of your life!

Ivy’s curves are voluptuous. Her brown eyes and dark hair coupled with her curvy hips come off as the true definition of an Italian woman. She will offer you a good time and value for your money. Her hips do not lie.

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She is adorable, beautiful, sexy, hot, heaven-sent… the words I would use to describe Thaisa are uncountable. She is the kind of girl you would want to bag for life. She has everything you are looking for in a woman. Thaisa is 19 years old (I still don’t believe it either). She has the body of a goddess, well measured in every aspect.  Look at her in that naughty nurse lingerie. I would want to be her patient forever!

Thaisa loves to be in her stilettos. When she’s a naughty nurse, she has her red heels on. When she’s a naughty little kitty, she pairs the look with her six-inch black stilettos. Then again, when she wears her, when she’s letting her boobies out for you and is wearing just her little red panty, she’s in her nude heels. I don’t know about you, but I would make her have her heels on during the whole date; or is it just my fetish?

Thaisa has confidence that is admirable and attractive. She is comfortable in her own skin and is not too shy to show it to everyone out there. You can only imagine how much more confidence and skill she will show you in the bedroom. She has a nice round butt that is the perfect one to fit right in your hands. She loves to let her buns and boobies out for you to see. Now, all that is left is for you to feel and grab them in person.

Did I mention that Thaisa is playful? She has the sweetest smile and her brunette hair seals the deal. She is every man’s dream, from her sexy, brown eyes, well-toned skin to her small waist that flows gracefully to her round, juicy booty. For a special, naughty, memorable and sensual session with Thaisa, make sure you schedule a date with her right now.


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I’ve been around Escort girls quite a long time now. They come, they go. To be honest few stand out in your mind after a while because they are generally of a type that are a little thick skinned and tough…they have to be to get their head around what they do. Just like we have to work it out in our heads and find a place where it all makes sense. Vanda is the kind of girl that inspires me to keep going with all this. She is the girl that I want you to meet. She’s beautiful to look at and she has something very special about the way she treats this Escort business. She makes time for all her clients and she makes you feel special. For an hour or two I experienced what it must be like to be loved by a really objectively beautiful girl. Of course I’ve dated girls that are beautiful to me. A girl can be gorgeous in herself without being stunningly pretty but the really classy one’s seem to have a natural force field around them that I never can get passed. Vanda is the average guys chance to dip our toe into the private world of the glamorous. If you are a player then you already know how great girls like Vanda are to date so I’m hoping you won’t mind if us normal guys get our names on the guest list. Vanda is beautiful lady and I demand my right to date her brains out.




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Yes it’s a bizarre choice of name (not her real one obviously) but nevertheless Nur is not to be missed. She’s an exquisite Spanish girl with beautiful olive skin and the sexiest body you’ll see this side of Marbella. How does she keep that body in shape I asked her. Well apparently it’s all down to The Pineapple Dance studio. My advice is get your lycra leotard on and your leg warmers and get down there and see if you can pick up Nor in the more traditional way…then when you come to your senses and have showered…give us a call and we’ll hook the two of you for a post work out work out Escort style.


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I think the thing I like most about our new Duo Escorts Amy and Blondie are their breasts; they are just about as PERFECT as a pair of BREASTS can be. They are not large sized but perfectly formed as to where mother-nature or gravity has not a chance to take a toll on them. Look how nicely they just sit there! At 19 and 24 years of age they are bringing two of the nicest pairs of breasts into the game!
Blondies personality is very nice and she is a genuinely sweet girl that just wanted to get to get back to work and start earning some money. She informed me that she is not afraid to experiment and try different things to achieve complete satisfaction for herself and her partner. Amy is just 19 years of age and when you put these two girls together for some fun you cannot imagine how much pleasure it is possible for someone to have. Don´t imagine it; book these two girls and EXPERIENCE IT!
So take a look at these photos, check out those breasts! I know sometimes with some of our models it´s a little hard to see them because of the water mark and their clothes but you can see enough to know that they are very healthy and nice looking women. Look beyond the breasts as well in the photos and you see that EVERYTHING about these two girls makes them pretty desirable if subtle curves and natural breasts are your cup of tea. I think it’s mine, why not make it yours?

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Batter up! Step up to the plate if you are a Big League Hitter and really want a challenge. We have all been there; dreamed and thought of getting it on with two girls at the same time. Maybe some of you studs have gotten lucky and actually had the chance to do it but most of us unfortunately do not seem to have that good of luck no matter what. Well the truth is you do not need any luck to make it happen. Give us a call to find out which of our beautiful Duo Escorts are available and make it happen!
We have Duo´s for Incall and Outcalls… whatever works for you. You had better eat your Wheaties that morning and maybe slam down a Red Bull or two while making the trip to the girl´s place. You´ll need a little extra stamina and energy to take on two of our lovely girls at the same time. (YOU CAN DO IT!) The idea behind Duo Escorts is not meant to be seen as just a spectator sport; you have to be involved and participate. Just watching is ok but it´s a lot more enjoyable if you join in on the fun.
Jenna and Greta is a couple of our Duo girls who you can visit in SW3 South Kensington. They are one of our pairs of girls that are slim, fair-skinned and beautiful. Wow! They are both a little young at just 20 and 23 years of age but don´t let their age fool you; they are well-schooled when it comes to the fine art of pleasing a man… (And they’re really good at it) Call now and get the party started!

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Some of you may recognize Alexandra, she has been working for us for a long time and used to live with a cuddly blonde girl Marilyn. They were putting on some nice Duo Escorting antics for clients if they so preferred to try to “tackle” the two of them together. Unfortunately she is no longer living with Alexandra but I believe she does have a new flat-mate that she lives with (Celia) and it is a distinct possibility that they are willing to team up together.
If you are interested in an unforgettable DUO EXPERIENCE with these two girls give us a call and we can inquire and possibly make it happen. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? You´ll find these two beauty’s in W2 Bayswater.

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