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Amira epitomizes the beauty of a Bulgarian girl. Her long silky smooth legs paired with her long black hair compliments her hazel colored eyes pitting her as a goddess from Eastern Europe. She definitely represents the playfulness of playful escorts with her kinky giggles amidst your company. Her looks are close to perfect and her gaze denotes nothing but cuteness. Her boobs are perfect and will fill your hands with all degrees of soft. Her voice is golden and once she gets to speaking Spanish, she will blow your mind. There is nothing that can beat the company of an exotic girl who offers you companionship for the time your together.
Amira ’s stunning personality will stand out in a crowd; she is not to be missed! Her charming attitude will prompt you to forget your problems and escape into a world of fantasy. This can make you fall in love and I tell you, this as a warning! Beware not to fall in love or addicted because playful escorts will not entertain that kind of interference over one of its girls.
Amira is only available for outcall services. She will go down to your location in London and give you an hour of fantastic play. Play with her supple breasts; view her in her full entirety. Stop salivating for something you can have to your own. Get to run your hands through her silky red hair slide an ice cube through her smooth skin down to her warm thighs or just spank her bottom till they turn pink. There is an endless list of activities you can do with Daniela even when you are new to this. She will carefully take you through the paces and introduce you to new sensations, sensations you have not thought about. By being Bulgarian, she will take good care of you and be willing as well as curious about new things. Daniela is eager to learn new things from you.


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Jully is an Eastern European girl. According to me, she denotes everything ‘tight.’ From her long legs, small bubble ass to her beautiful, long, curly hair seating on her perfect head exemplifies the tightness I am talking about. Don’t you wish yourself some tight things? There is a lot of that at 24 Carat services and Jully is a definite example. Her nimble body permits her to do crazy things and you’re welcome to try out new stuff with her. With Jully, there are two things involved. You either wish to be beside her or with her, that is, either in public or in private. The fact remains that you are with her. She has a jovial personality that is likely to bring out yours. There is nothing like having yourself some sexy fun!

Jully perfect feature literally lies on her chest. The first glare on her perfect bosom will render you blind. Almost in disbelief, you will shut and open our eyes just to make sure. It happens all the time (and do not quote me on this) when you meet her. Her golden smile through her plump lips is inviting and her beautiful eyes are a window into her beautiful soul. You will feel normal around Francesca as she endeavors to make you comfortable and relaxed especially during new experiments. Bulgarian girls are known for taking their time to look good, love themselves and are secure. Jully will make you feel the same.

Her long legs make Barbie doll come to life. I say this because Barbie dolls are made to perfection and somehow seem unreal. Jully is the same. Why not have a real, life-sized doll to play with in ways you can only imagine? Contact us at 24 Carat and witness what I’m talking about.

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Nothing beats the feeling of a beautiful Italian girl whispering gibberish into your ears in Italian. Ivy will rock your world. But you have to be careful not to be knocked off your boots because that is what Ivy would do to you. If you think you can handle a strong personality Italian lady, give us a call for a booking. She is so special and unique that we only have her available for incall escort services.

Ivy is sexy-slim with a popping ass and boobs. She is cute and her long brown hair extenuates her beauty to a whole other level. Her infectious smile invigorates your deepest feelings; something you may not be able to comprehend at first but could get used to. Ivy is a different kind of girl altogether. She pays attention to her beauty. Being Italian, her fashion forwardness just comes naturally and the way she smells! It is heavenly, meant only for the gods. Her foreign accent has a way of arousing your deeper, inner desires. You cannot have enough of her but our prices are affordable and you can get hourly extensions to your satisfaction.

Ivy is sexy and spicy justifying the Italian stereotype of being one of a kind. The best analogy of describing am Italian girl is a tornado; they gain momentum and never stop. Ivy will take you to the edge and back. Her personality and passion are feisty just like the Italian bull. Visit us to get the ride of your life!

Ivy’s curves are voluptuous. Her brown eyes and dark hair coupled with her curvy hips come off as the true definition of an Italian woman. She will offer you a good time and value for your money. Her hips do not lie.

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Luna, one of our most treasured girls, always goes the extra mile to impress her clients. She is a mature escort, but her body definitely says differently. She has well-crafted curves flowing graciously from her bosom to her legs. The first things you’d notice on Luna are her breasts. She’s a natural size 34DD, and her two coconuts are prone to jiggle around every time she walks. If you have a fetish for brown-haired, sexy women, this escort is the complete package for you.

Luna has a mature body that is irresistible to anyone who sets eyes on her. She has legs for days, and she’s not shy about them. Once she sports on her black, strappy stilettos, her round, bubbly booty pops out even more, and you get a clearer view of what you are about to have. Her Columbian structure is enticing. These photos just give you a sneak peek of the real deal. Trust me; you will be blown away by the nasty things that Luna will do to you. She oozes confidence and perfection. When she throws a smile at you, you will find it hard not to fall in love with her. Her lace lingerie is irresistible, but you will be even more pleased by what lies underneath. Her skin is all tight, if you know what I mean, and her flexibility is astounding too.

Luna knows what to do and say to get her clients excited. You’ll be glad to know that she is bisexual, so ladies, she’s a catch! She is a charmer, and she has her way with words.  She speaks both English and Spanish. When she whispers in Spanish into your ears, you will immediately be blown away. Be sure to get a taste of this sexy, curvy mature escort as soon as NOW!

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Naughty. That is the first thought that comes to mind when you look at Nelly. She is sexy, and she knows it. This brunette babe is a fantasy come through. She is the ideal model-like escort. Look at how slim, curvy and busty her body is. She is the kind of girl whose half-naked body picture you would hang on your bedroom wall and stare at all day. She is also intimating. You can tell by her seductive stare that clearly, she will have control over you in the bedroom. She loves the colors black and red, and her lingerie is proof of this. Check out how her fishnet stockings outline her well-toned thighs and make her even hotter.

Nelly has firm breasts that have a certain tenderness to them. She loves to have those two babies out for you to see, and if you are lucky enough to book her, you get a chance to grab them in your hands and play with them. Nelly likes to dress up for her clients, almost as much as she loves undressing for them. Her red stilettos make her legs longer and her booty raised and very little is left to the imagination once she takes off her lingerie for you. She has full lips and brown eyes that see through to your deepest desires. Speaking of which, if Spanish-speaking hot babes are your fetish, this gal is about to give you the most memorable sexual experience of a lifetime.

She is a darling who loves to play naughty all the time. She knows how to take bedroom behavior to the extreme, and she is into toys and rough sex, I mean, look at the sex handcuffs on her wrist. Her curves roll smoothly down her waist to her hips; book her now and get a firsthand experience with Nelly.

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She is adorable, beautiful, sexy, hot, heaven-sent… the words I would use to describe Thaisa are uncountable. She is the kind of girl you would want to bag for life. She has everything you are looking for in a woman. Thaisa is 19 years old (I still don’t believe it either). She has the body of a goddess, well measured in every aspect.  Look at her in that naughty nurse lingerie. I would want to be her patient forever!

Thaisa loves to be in her stilettos. When she’s a naughty nurse, she has her red heels on. When she’s a naughty little kitty, she pairs the look with her six-inch black stilettos. Then again, when she wears her, when she’s letting her boobies out for you and is wearing just her little red panty, she’s in her nude heels. I don’t know about you, but I would make her have her heels on during the whole date; or is it just my fetish?

Thaisa has confidence that is admirable and attractive. She is comfortable in her own skin and is not too shy to show it to everyone out there. You can only imagine how much more confidence and skill she will show you in the bedroom. She has a nice round butt that is the perfect one to fit right in your hands. She loves to let her buns and boobies out for you to see. Now, all that is left is for you to feel and grab them in person.

Did I mention that Thaisa is playful? She has the sweetest smile and her brunette hair seals the deal. She is every man’s dream, from her sexy, brown eyes, well-toned skin to her small waist that flows gracefully to her round, juicy booty. For a special, naughty, memorable and sensual session with Thaisa, make sure you schedule a date with her right now.


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You know that sometimes you just take one look at a girl and you know that she’s got a very naughty side to her…and I’m not talking shoplifting here. I mean in the bedroom or any other room for that matter. Alysa is one of those girls. It only takes one look from her to get my underpants jiggling like a couple of ferrets fighting in a sack. That’s because there’s nothing us guys like more than the anticipation of what’s to come and when you open the door and find Alysa standing before you. It’s not just physical, it’s mental what a great escort girl does to us. They can seduce us with just a look or the lightest of touches. Alysa knows men back to front and she plays us like a concert pianist. Why not be her Steinway for the evening?