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Gorgeous blonde babe just starting out on her Escorting career…something tells me you’re gonna like this girl….fill your boots boys


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Pamela is not a girl you would want to miss out on being with. Whenever she flips her wavy, blonde hair, a wave of beauty hits you. She is the type of girl you’ll want for keeps because she is the real deal. Her curves are well measured; she gives a new meaning to perfection and elegance.  She has a simple nature, and this is what makes her attractive to her clients. Her one-piece, sexy lingerie grabs her in the right places in all the right ways. She has a big, round booty which I would say is her most admirable feature.

Her skin is smooth and evenly toned and just looking at her gives you a tingly feeling. She has a body like a goddess, perfected to the last detail. She may appear submissive and gentle in these pictures, but with a body like hers, you better be ready to see her in extreme sex mode.

She is a cup size 32B which is just the perfect size – not too large or too small. This is definitely covered for by her extra-large booty. But believe me, one she takes her lingerie off, you’ll be more than pleased with how sexy she is. She is loved by all of her clients, and you will love her too. Pamela’s natural blonde hair makes her a fetish that most men want to experience. Who would want to pass a moment with this work of art? She was carefully chosen to suit the needs of every man interested in blondes.

Most men get really excited when they get a chance to meet with Pamela. She is easy to talk to, and she is skilled in the sheets. She is available for outcall escort service which makes it even better for the man who prefers to meet with her in their home or in a hotel room.

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Your experience with Kayla is going to be on top of the world! Your first look at her, I promise, your eyes will stay glued to her. First, at 5’7”, Kayla is a tall glass of water that is set to quench your thirst. Second, her blonde hair comes out as unique for an Italian girl. Her teasing tits are not to look away from; just give in and enjoy their perkiness. At most, these are the kind of boobs you get to see but cannot touch. Here at 24 Carat, we promise that you can look, touch, feel and play with. No more fantasizing about Kayla’s kind of boobs.

Kayla is a playful girl and can get feisty at times. You will be fully entertained by her personality and definitely keep coming back for more. My first notion of her was a runway model. She sat beside other girls at 24 Carat lobby and my thoughts precisely were that she had escorted one of the new girls. A more directed stare at her revealed the contrary; Kayla put her soft hands to hold up her chin, I followed the effortless movement of her hands down her slender neck. At that moment I felt my hand should have been there just to prove whether her skin was as smooth as it looked. She took her left leg and placed it over her right precisely to offer a peep squeak of what lies underneath. My head followed to a rude disappointment of not catching a glimpse of anything. It was at this moment that I realized Kayla to be a new addition to 24 Carat family.

Come and be part of Kayla’s world; good conversation, excellent fashion and parties that do not disappoint. Kayla is full of spunk; she is fun and very passionate. With Kayla, you are in for the ride of your life all aspects considered.

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I will tell you as a favor, man to man or man to woman. Pointblank! Erika will blow your mind. Erika is the very definition that the word curvaceous would have been created. To describe her curvy body with the word curvaceous could also be an understatement. I think it’s only fair that we begin looking for a better way to define the nature of Erika’s curves. My first glance at her gave me a ‘tom and jerry’ moment – my eyes fell off my sockets and my tongue dropped off to the ground. You know the feeling when you have a beautiful lady in front of you and she is walking directly towards you, your heart beats hard, your smile seems forced and your voice cuts off, that is your first glance at Erika from Colombia.

Colombian ladies are almost like Brazil ladies in terms of physique. They have round asses and busty boobs even though they are slim. Colombian girls are known all over the world as some of the sexiest creatures on earth. A quick look at Erika would render this statement true. Her big but tight ass renders a feeling of having them bounce in front of your face. Her filled petite tits conjure and support the same feeling. Your first glance of her would want her just rubbing her butt against you.

Erika dances so well too, her body moves so flawlessly and will take you away from your vicinity to the invigorating environments of Salsa dancing in Cali. Seeing her move makes you agree that that’s the sole purpose she was created. Erika in a dress is a fire moment; the garment hugs her curves almost to imply that if it leaves, it dies and when it does, it does so effortlessly, inviting you in.

Ultimately, she is caring and passionate at all times; a true definition of a Colombian woman.

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I’ve been around Escort girls quite a long time now. They come, they go. To be honest few stand out in your mind after a while because they are generally of a type that are a little thick skinned and tough…they have to be to get their head around what they do. Just like we have to work it out in our heads and find a place where it all makes sense. Vanda is the kind of girl that inspires me to keep going with all this. She is the girl that I want you to meet. She’s beautiful to look at and she has something very special about the way she treats this Escort business. She makes time for all her clients and she makes you feel special. For an hour or two I experienced what it must be like to be loved by a really objectively beautiful girl. Of course I’ve dated girls that are beautiful to me. A girl can be gorgeous in herself without being stunningly pretty but the really classy one’s seem to have a natural force field around them that I never can get passed. Vanda is the average guys chance to dip our toe into the private world of the glamorous. If you are a player then you already know how great girls like Vanda are to date so I’m hoping you won’t mind if us normal guys get our names on the guest list. Vanda is beautiful lady and I demand my right to date her brains out.




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Karla is a young blonde with big ambitions. She’s got plans to see the World and do it in style. She’s loving her time in London and seems to be enjoying meeting the diverse bunch of guys that we bring to her.  So with all this pent up energy and enthusiasm for life you can imagine that Karla is chomping at the bit to meet you lot and get on with showing you why you chose her and why the next time you are passing by Paddington it’s  Karla that you’re gonna call. To be honest the girls who have a real sense of what they are doing and why are the girls that excite me. That’s because they have a great attitude to escort work. They make the most of it and they look after their clients much better than the girls who are just meandering through life without giving it much thought. Your happiness is directly linked to Karla’s travel plans and she knows that. So get your selfie now before she moves on to far flung places.


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With her model like good looks and a passion for brief encounters Sharon stands out even in the crowded Escort location that is Queensway. Yes of course we know that you are spoilt for choice in W2. It’s a magnet for all things hedonistic. As you sit there sucking on your Shisha watching the World go by or struggling to get your ice skates off at Queen’s club please give a moment’s thought for Sharon. She’s sitting waiting for a guy just like you to give her a call. She’s up against stiff opposition from girls that you frankly don’t want to know who will take you for a ride and spit you out the other end like you were nothing. Lots of girls in Queensway working the tourists on the basis they’ll never see you again so no point in looking after you properly. Sharon is not like that and we would not let her be even if she wanted to be.  Sharon will look after you properly so book with confidence guys.