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Samantha is one of the rare ones. She is new in our escort agency, but we've seen the things she can do. But before I tell you all of that, let me take a moment to introduce you t this angel. She has wavy, glowy blonde hair that falls effortlessly over her shoulders. When you stare at her big, brown eyes, you will find it pretty hard to look away. There's something she does with her lips that is so seductive; see the way she bites her fingers, it could drive any man crazy. And her jawline and cheekbones, we definitely bagged a model when we hired her. You can tell that Samantha loves her body from how she always has her hands all over her. She is slim with a thin waist that amplifies her already huge boobs and booty. She is a cup size 34D, and she’s proud of it. Her breasts are round like coconuts and tightly held on her chest, and she loves to let them loose. Don’t you just want to touch them right now? I know I’d want to. Her legs are heaven-sent. This is why I call her an angel. Her hips are perfectly curved out to fit perfectly on her. Again, her waist really gives you a strong illusion of a huger ass than Pamela has. Her butt is not too large to handle or too small to satisfy you; you should watch how it bounces from side to side when she walks nude in her stilettos. Her thighs get narrower down her legs, and they are so tight and well toned. It’s almost unreal! She loves to put on her tiny lingerie pieces or none at all just so that you have a great look at her body the whole time. If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON 0208 961 6006 CALL US ON 0208 961 7711 WHATSAPP 07709149406

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Anyone that has used the services of Escorts in London before and is looking to spend an extended period of time with one and would to add a little more excitement (or a lot) than normal in their time together should for sure be looking at the girls listed here. PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! That´s what they do best and is why they are called Party Girl Escorts.

Indoors or outdoors does not matter to them, they just like to do it. You do not have to book them for extended dates and can book for just an hour or even 30 minutes if you wish to do so but once you are together chances are you’re going to want to enjoy their company much more than you anticipated. They do not need much of an explanation; their name pretty much says it all. London Party Girl Escorts from 24 Carat are the best.