Wembley Escorts

Wembley is the home of the Wembley Arena and the Wembley Stadium. Wembley used to be called Wemba Lea, a village over the hill leaning towards the clearing. It used to be a wooded area, with many of its wide greens remaining standing as of this date. There were not many houses here before. But the first few homes that were built here are owned by the most affluent men in the entire Harrow area.

There’s a shopping area around here too, although most people come here to watch the games rather than to buy anything. The Central Square is where you want to be if you want to shop. But if you want to see a match, you better go to the Wembley Stadium instead. Don’t worry. These two spots are just a short distance away from each other so you can practically enjoy the best of both worlds.

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