Stoke Newington Escorts

Stoke Newington is a very small district in north east London yet it enjoys generous open spaces. Start with the West Reservoir extending on its northern side. While this facility doesn’t work anymore, it is still being used by the locals as a place for leisure. The green space from its entrance, which is the Castle Climbing Centre, all the way to its ends is a nature beauty worthy of appreciation.

History has it that Stoke Newington was tasked to provide London with a continuous supply of fresh water. And it has done well with that job, thanks to the New River running through it. Stoke Newington is filled with reservoirs to this date, some new and working while others are old and retired. With that said, it is easy to see that it is one great place to stay in London, if only for the reason that it can sustain life and growth by its lonesome.

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