Lancaster Gate Escorts

Lancaster Gate is a lavish housing area found at the end of Kensington Gardens. Two rows of terraced houses overlook the park making staying here rather relaxing. The gap between such rows opens onto a plaza and to the Christ Church. Lancaster Gate used to pertain to the area around the church until it had covered all everything else. Lancaster Gate connects Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park. It is indeed one great place in London to just unwind and rejuvenate.

Lancaster Gate is quite popular for its architecture and history. The park has touches of French and English Baroque designs. The Church, although closed down right now, still has its majestic spire and tower giving rise to the Spire House of 1983. The houses over at Lancaster Gate are not all residential homes to date. While there are still some that remains, their values have plummeted up to the level of commercial establishments. Right now, the terraced houses over at Lancaster gate were used as offices, embassies, and hotels.

Come to Lancaster Gate and experience splendor like a king. The place is named in honour of Queen Victoria, Duke of Lancaster. This makes the area an affluent one, allowing anybody coming down here to a treat of what life should be. The place is especially accommodating to the fun-loving males, as the Lancaster Gate escorts are always around, waiting for you to make your move.

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