Kew Escorts

The most fitting description for Kew would be compact. It has Forest Park and the Maple Grove Cemetery on either its sides and they are both big open spaces. It is such interesting to know that Kew sits right in the heart of all these lavish greens. You can just walk all around like it is the main hub of a very large park. Just be sure that you don’t get lost because that is quite easy to happen around here.

Kew is a rather new neighbourhood, built only in the 20th century. It used to be a golf course and was actually the name of a Botanical garden sitting just outside its immediate area. There are many interesting spots around the place, although you must be aware that the streets in Kew tend to wind and curve unexpectedly. Sometimes, you will get to a dead end without even understanding why.

All in all, Kew is such an enchanting place. Staying here can be such a big relief from the hectic life in the city. If you would like to try a weekend vacation in the area, you will need a tour guide to get where you would like to go without getting lost. Losing your way around the district isn’t fun. You better make sure that you have somebody beside you at all times.

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