Clapham Junction Escorts

Clapham Junction is a railway found at Clapham, more particularly on St John’s Hill. By far, the Clapham Junction is the busiest train station in the UK. More than 2,000 trains go through its rails everyday, with almost all of them making a stop. From this number, it is even safe to say that Clapham Junction could also be the busiest railway in the entire world.

Being a very hectic station indeed, Clapham Junction is filled with many stops and shops that would delight passengers. If you are to make a stopover here, which a lot of travellers do, you’ll see that there are many hotels that could accommodate your weary body, as well as a good number of restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Leisure places like entertainment joints are considered as an essential here as well, especially if you’re going to stay the night. Fortunately enough, all of these can be found in Clapham Junction, thanks to the many establishments that eagerly cater to both the locals and the travellers of London.

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