London Life

The Best Escorts in the Best City

Despite living in such a vibrant city as London where there is always something happening, it’s odd that I should ever have thoughts such as ‘There’s nothing to do’, ‘It’s boring’, ‘I’ve been everywhere’. Obviously such sentiments are complete nonsense for anyone in London – a city that happens to be the biggest in Europe (it covers 620sq miles), has over 100 theatres, over 200 museums, 62,000 music performances a year (17% of which are free!), the largest football stadium in the world (Wembley), around 100 cinemas, roughly 200 festivals per year, the world’s most popular modern art gallery (the Tate), over 50 High Streets and more than 11,000 restaurants. On top of this, endless numbers of sporting events, attractions, clubs, societies, libraries and markets. Still think you’ve seen it all?!

The fact is, I think there’s almost too much choice. Sometimes the idea of investigating a new prospect seems like an effort, so we stick to our usual haunts and end up feeling bored. Visitors to London probably also face a similar dilemma  – if you’ve only got a few days in a city with such mind-boggling variety, how do you choose which places to visit? Lonely Planet may offer a few words of advice, but only really skims the surface of what’s on offer. A London escort agency will probably be able to provide more tips than a travel guide, as good venues are part of their business.


Cheap Date in London

If you’ve booked one of our beautiful London escorts and you’re a bit too strapped to start paying £300 for a posh meal in South Ken, why not take her out to one of the city’s best kept secrets- Lahore Kebab House just off Commercial Road near Whitechapel. Not only is it renowned in East London for delivering the best curry in the Capital, but whatever you’re up for, it’s sure to be an experience.

Not only will you have the most stunning girl in the room sitting opposite across the table, but you can guarantee whatever you choose will be served to you double the speed of anywhere else, leaving the night free for hitting Shoreditch’s hottest nightspots or perhaps heading to Dalston on the Overground that’s just a five minute walk away.



An Escort Writes

After a really fun weekend hanging out with the girls (we got completely lost and ended up in Holloway, HOLLOWAY?! It was awful) I had such a boring couple of days. I mean, London is a bit of a lonely place for an escort who doesn’t know her Gloucester Road from her Old Kent Road (yeah ok I googled those!) but was so excited when I got a call through from 24 Carat Escorts  telling me to be outside Mahiki on Mayfair at 10.30pm. I mean finally I’ve actually got a reason to put on some heels and go clothes shopping! Perfect!

So I thought I’d treat myself to a day of pampering. Hello scented body butter, manicure, pedicure and all those things a girl needs to look her best. You can imagine… It’s hard being a London escort. Sigh…

Also, could not be more excited about Mahiki because I’ve never even been to West London, let alone the club that apparently Rihanna was in last month. Can’t wait though because apparently it’s an after work party and thankfully that sort of thing is something I LOVE. It’s always fun to meet new people and I just so happen to be able to hold my drink, as well as a conversation…



Escort’s Plea..Take Me Dancing

So you’ve been for the nice dinner or to the cool bar, visited that exhibition at the Tate, generally made an effort to see a few things and be ‘cultured’. It’s now 10pm – too early to go home but too late to get into any more museums or galleries, so what do you do?

Hit the London clubbing scene, of course! Like London escort agencies, clubs in the city are big business, drawing in the crowds come rain or shine and injecting millions into the economy. I suppose it’s the same in any major city. Clubbing is one of the most popular pastimes, especially with the younger folk, and wherever there are large numbers of trendy people and tourists, there will probably be a whole suite of clubs to accompany them



Theatre Land Escort Style

Despite a huge range of activities on offer in London, ranging from ice skating to pole dancing clubs, from boat trips to London escort agencies – the full spectrum from nice to naughty, in other words – it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and repeatedly visit those places you already know well, just because they’re familiar and you know exactly what you’re going to get. This is fine, of course, as sometimes you just want to relax and not have to plan your tube journey, worry whether it’ll meet everyone’s expectations etc.

But other times you feel bored with your usual haunts and want to try something new. This is especially the case if you’re dating someone. The last thing you want to do is end up bored of each other because you never do anything new together, or find that that you’re having a series of first dates at the same few locations. That’s a sense of déjà vu I can really do without.

There is a pressure on couples to find new and interesting things that they can bond over. I think this is probably slightly worse for men too, as they’re more likely to be expected to impress with the next dating venue, demonstrating how romantic he is to his potential bride. This pressure is ten times worse for a guy who’s dating a woman for the first or second time – he doesn’t want to inadvertently drag her to that same old bar any more than she wants to be dragged there.