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Nihan… I am not sure where we found this woman at but we recently added another one of our elite escorts in Central London. She is a real beauty who is really going to be getting a lot of attention once the word gets out about not just her beauty but services that she provides. We´re not even exactly sure where she is from and it doesn’t really matter because when you see her slim little body and fair skin your mind is going to be racing and wondering what it is going to be like when the two of you get to know each other and spend some more intimate moments together.
So once you take the plunge and book her you´ll get to experience services that are unparalleled; French kissing is one thing that she likes to do and she is really good at giving massages and a whole lot of other fun ways to enjoy the time that you spend together. She is a pretty open minded girl so if there is something special you have never tried before but have wanted to she may be a good choice for you.
Nihan has a little bit more experience than some of our other girls; the ages of the girls coming in for a while there were awfully young; mostly 18 and 19 year olds, Nihan is 24 years old which is a pretty good age at where the girls have a little more experience and are better at doing the things that we like them to do. Nihan is a slim little woman who you are going to be very impressed with; you better call sooner than later because we´re thinking that she going to become pretty popular.

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