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I think the thing I like most about our new Duo Escorts Amy and Blondie are their breasts; they are just about as PERFECT as a pair of BREASTS can be. They are not large sized but perfectly formed as to where mother-nature or gravity has not a chance to take a toll on them. Look how nicely they just sit there! At 19 and 24 years of age they are bringing two of the nicest pairs of breasts into the game!
Blondies personality is very nice and she is a genuinely sweet girl that just wanted to get to get back to work and start earning some money. She informed me that she is not afraid to experiment and try different things to achieve complete satisfaction for herself and her partner. Amy is just 19 years of age and when you put these two girls together for some fun you cannot imagine how much pleasure it is possible for someone to have. Don´t imagine it; book these two girls and EXPERIENCE IT!
So take a look at these photos, check out those breasts! I know sometimes with some of our models it´s a little hard to see them because of the water mark and their clothes but you can see enough to know that they are very healthy and nice looking women. Look beyond the breasts as well in the photos and you see that EVERYTHING about these two girls makes them pretty desirable if subtle curves and natural breasts are your cup of tea. I think it’s mine, why not make it yours?

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