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Batter up! Step up to the plate if you are a Big League Hitter and really want a challenge. We have all been there; dreamed and thought of getting it on with two girls at the same time. Maybe some of you studs have gotten lucky and actually had the chance to do it but most of us unfortunately do not seem to have that good of luck no matter what. Well the truth is you do not need any luck to make it happen. Give us a call to find out which of our beautiful Duo Escorts are available and make it happen!
We have Duo´s for Incall and Outcalls… whatever works for you. You had better eat your Wheaties that morning and maybe slam down a Red Bull or two while making the trip to the girl´s place. You´ll need a little extra stamina and energy to take on two of our lovely girls at the same time. (YOU CAN DO IT!) The idea behind Duo Escorts is not meant to be seen as just a spectator sport; you have to be involved and participate. Just watching is ok but it´s a lot more enjoyable if you join in on the fun.
Jenna and Greta is a couple of our Duo girls who you can visit in SW3 South Kensington. They are one of our pairs of girls that are slim, fair-skinned and beautiful. Wow! They are both a little young at just 20 and 23 years of age but don´t let their age fool you; they are well-schooled when it comes to the fine art of pleasing a man… (And they’re really good at it) Call now and get the party started!

If you date a girl please leave a review. Our ‘Review of the Week’ wins a free Incall!

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