Ladies Night, Part 1

Ladies Night, Part 1

It wasn’t like him to get so down but it had just been one of those days where everything that happened served to remind him of how non-existent his love life was. First it was Rosie getting the massive bunch of flowers from her fiancée, then two of his male colleagues taking conspicuously gushy calls from their girlfriends, then that bitch at lunch asking him if he was single in front of everyone, and bloody Rob saying ‘Tom’s practically joined the priesthood, sweetie. Or he may as well.’ Rob could be nasty like that, but act as if he was just being very funny and light-hearted – a slap on Tom’s back to show everyone he was just a cheeky chappy.

Then in the afternoon Rob and Greg could be heard boasting about their conquests as the club the other night. Tom had been there – they had both gone home with girls. He’d left alone. As usual. It’s not that he was ugly, or stupid, but just seemed to lack pulling power.

Although, thinking about it, Marie the receptionist had walked past his desk several times that day, a tad unnecessarily, he thought. And he could swear she’d wiggled her bum as she walked past. Not that he minded that too much – her bum looked marvellous in the tight pencil skirt she wore, and with glossy black hair down to her tiny waist she was quite the Latino babe. But she never spoke to him unless she had too, and then it was in a manner that could never be construed as flirtatious. Yet she always seemed to have an excuse to chat to one of the other guys, giggling and flicking her hair like a randy pony. Tom wondered how she could find Rob the slightest bit appealing, with his chubby looks and pushy personality.

Tom wished he wasn’t feeling so irritable with his work colleagues that day, as he’d promised to accompany Rob and Greg to the lap-dancing club Ladies, after work. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get out of it. He’d just have to drink as much as possible.

Later, the three men walked jauntily down the high street, Tom faking a good mood so the other two wouldn’t keep on at him. They passed several bars and the offices of a London Escort Agency, where some blonde escorts and a very busty escort climbed into a taxi. ‘Phwoooar’, commented Greg, ‘If the girls at Ladies tonight look anything like that I’ll be very happy’. Tom didn’t say anything. He’d seen a particular black escort near that office several times and thought she was probably the most gorgeous woman on the planet. Of course she’d never noticed him.

They arrived at the club and Tom made a real effort to enjoy himself, to try and reclaim something back from the day. As a rule he didn’t like this kind of establishment, didn’t really see the point in it. From his perspective, it just seemed like an unpleasant kind of teasing. I mean what’s the point of unwrapping a Mars bar if you can’t eat the chocolate?!

Trying to put aside his dislike of the club, he shared a lap-dance with the other guys, hoping he wouldn’t become too aroused. ‘Just sit back and enjoy the scenery’, he told himself. A leggy blonde, completely naked, was their choice of dancer. She was very pretty and enthusiastic, but seemed somewhat inexperienced and awkward. Rob enjoyed the show, especially as the girl kissed him on the lips! And Greg got a lot of attention too. Of course, where Tom was concerned, she simply gyrated a few times in front of him, without really looking at his face, and then went back to the other two.
Tom sat, bored, and tiring of pretending enthusiasm. The girl had a great body, and it was nice to watch her toned, slender figure as she danced sexily just inches away from them.

After the guys had downed another few drinks they decided on one more dance before setting off home. ‘You choose, Tom’, said Rob, unexpectedly. Not really feeling like another dance, but knowing the sooner it was over it the sooner he could get to bed and feel sorry for himself in peace, Tom scanned the room for their next dancer. There was nobody that looked as if they could drive him wild with excitement. Until he saw Her. Emerging from a crowd. A Goddess in the nude………