Fatty Fetish Anyone

Fatty Fetish Anyone

There are some strange people out there. Really strange. Scanning through my fave online magazines, I encountered a feature in ‘Closer’ that made my mouth drop open in awe (slightly disgusted awe, I must say). Before my innocent eyes was a photo of 41 stone Gillian Ward, a 34-year old woman who calls herself an ‘eco-crusher’.

The photo celebrated every huge roll of fat tumbling off her bum and legs like jelly. To me she looked grotesque, but apparently there are thousands of men who absolutely love the…ahem….larger ladies, or Supersized Big Beautiful Women (SBBW) as they’re known. Gillian is so loved for her ‘curves’ that she is able to earn £55000 a year from her online fans. She posts photos of herself either just posing, or working on her speciality – crushing people’s rubbish with her bulk! Apparently men like to send her junk such as beer cans, and receive photos of Gillian squashing them between her breasts! She then recycles the waste.

I was somewhat surprised to find that admiration of very fat girls spawns such a thriving industry. A little more research took me to a similar, older article in Closer, featuring 28 stone Jennifer Lauren, who flaunts her massive, 5ft bottom on a website dedicated to the cause. 38-year old Jennifer looks odd because all this extra weight has piled onto her lower half  -she remains a size 16 on top.

Although these women declare they’re happy with their size, even wanting to get bigger, it’s hard to ignore the enormous (sorry) health implications. Both these ladies have diets stuffed with over 4000 calories a day, four times more than is recommended for women. Their meals consist of junk food, as do their snacks of cakes, crisps, biscuits etc. Gillian Ward’s Body Mass Index is 89.5, when it should be between 19 and 25. It seems amazing that they could ever feel well enough to get up in the morning, especially with all that weight to lift off the bed. But health concerns are secondary to these girls, who have become used to the big pay cheques.

Reading these articles reminded me of another I’d seen in a magazine several months ago. The story was very similar, but the woman on this occasion was revealed to not only have gorged on junk food to enhance her buttocks, but even gone as far as having repeated implant operations to get it as large as possible. I can’t remember the measurement now, but she was absolutely enormous, and also used it as a money-maker. I remember being shocked that people would go to such lengths to get rich.

Thinking about how many people have cosmetic operations to make them ‘acceptable’ for modelling or acting work, I realised maybe I was being a bit unfair on the big ladies – I mean how different is what they’re doing to what a wannabe model does by getting beast implants? It’s mutilation in both cases. The only difference from an outsider’s point of view is that big breasts are generally considered desirable in society while huge bums are not. We see the former as sexy, the latter as grotesque. I asked some our London escorts what they thought about the matter. One busty escort claimed that she would happily have a boob job if she needed it (although she certainly doesn’t), and that, in her opinion, people have a right to choose what kind of body they have. One of the blonde escorts agreed that people should be able to choose, but that it was sick of their admirers to encourage a body shape that was so incredibly unhealthy. ‘I can’t believe she found a surgeon to keep doing those ops!’ exclaimed a black escort. ‘I think having one op to get a J-Lo bum – like I’ve got naturally  -is ok. It looks ‘normal’ and doesn’t affect health. But actually being crippled by the size of your arse is just an act of barbarity on the part of the surgeon and suicidal behaviour by the woman’. Hmmm…some strong opinions. Young escorts in London are very aware of how important looks can be, but on the whole they agree that there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Yes, dye your hair. Even have breast implants if you really, really need them, but don’t turn yourself into a walking time bomb. What’s the good of money if you’re dead from a heart attack by 40?

But it’s a tough world we live in, and I can understand the drive to attain money and independence. It’s just a shame that some people feel the only way they can do this is by mutilating their bodies and severely jeopardising their health.