Fact or Fantasy

Scott gets Hot

Scott arrived home in a bad mood. He went straight to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and sank down with it in the armchair. The leather of the seat stuck uncomfortably to his arms, and the back of his head felt hot where he rested it. It was a sweltering July day that seemed to heighten the feelings of disappointment, frustration and tension that coursed through him. Work had been typically unfulfilling, two colleagues seemed to oppose all his suggestions, and…women! Women that say they like you then keep being ‘busy’. Women that treat him like an annoying child when he’s served up a whole platter of charm. Women that say they’re over him, and then leave teary texts on his phone saying sorry, maybe they’ve made a big mistake.


Ladies Night, Part 1

The view from the office showed a grey town under grey skies, rows of office blocks poking towards the heavy clouds. The greyness outside reflected Tom’s mood. And he sat sulkily like a storm cloud in the corner of the office, his chin resting on his fists as he daydreamed against the boring content reflecting into his eyes from the computer screen. ‘Cheer up, Tom’ someone said as they walked past his desk. He simmered.

It wasn’t like him to get so down but it had just been one of those days where everything that happened served to remind him of how non-existent his love life was. First it was Rosie getting the massive bunch of flowers from her fiancée, then two of his male colleagues taking conspicuously gushy calls from their girlfriends, then that bitch at lunch asking him if he was single in front of everyone, and bloody Rob saying ‘Tom’s practically joined the priesthood, sweetie. Or he may as well.’ Rob could be nasty like that, but act as if he was just being very funny and light-hearted – a slap on Tom’s back to show everyone he was just a cheeky chappy.


Ladies’ Night – Part 2

Their eyes met and Tom jolted in his seat. Suddenly he felt very awake indeed, although there was a very dream like quality about the way she moved towards them. She moved seamlessly, easily, gracefully like a gazelle but with the confidence of a cheetah stalking it’s prey. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The way her long brown legs joined at her slender hips, the way the lights shone on the smooth skin of her belly and the way her breasts wobbled just a tiny bit as she walked. The way her large, almond-shaped eyes pierced into him, never leaving his face, as if Greg and Rob and everyone else at the club were invisible. Tom breathed out, slowly and deliberately, trying to remain calm and not show any obvious reaction to her attention. But still he couldn’t drag his eyes away.