European Escorts In London

European Escorts In London

Here at 24 Carat we are very happy and pleased to offer you a great selection of European and Eastern European Escorts. The majority of our Escorts are from these regions. They originate from many different countries within Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Romania. You can find a wide range of personalities and all of them have their own unique beauties, or specialties. It`s up to you to call and discover some of the diverse girls we have to offer. You never know what surprises or newfound pleasures you may find.  Our girls from these countries have very good work ethics and they are always a pleasure to spend time with. They are hardworking, responsible and best of all they really enjoy what they do.


We also offer many girls from other Continents and Countries all over the world, including South America, Brazil, France, Italy, Greece and others. No matter what nationality/type of Escort you prefer, we will have one to meet your needs.

Here at 24 Carat we are always striving to find and hire new Escorts to add to our available girls. We like to hire new escorts, fresh ones, not always the more experienced ones as to make it possible to constantly offer you a wide, diverse array of available Escorts.

Sometimes this means that maybe the escorts will not be with us for a long time/permanently. So it is important to check back with us frequently and inquire about new arrivals.

24 Carat is very happy and proud to do anything we can do to make your stay in London, whether it is short or long term more enjoyable. Our friendly receptionists are always ready to assist you.