Escort’s Plea..Take Me Dancing

Escort’s Plea..Take Me Dancing

So you’ve been for the nice dinner or to the cool bar, visited that exhibition at the Tate, generally made an effort to see a few things and be ‘cultured’. It’s now 10pm – too early to go home but too late to get into any more museums or galleries, so what do you do?

Hit the London clubbing scene, of course! Like London escort agencies, clubs in the city are big business, drawing in the crowds come rain or shine and injecting millions into the economy. I suppose it’s the same in any major city. Clubbing is one of the most popular pastimes, especially with the younger folk, and wherever there are large numbers of trendy people and tourists, there will probably be a whole suite of clubs to accompany them.

Clubs, like anything else, range from the sublime to the hazardous, and London certainly has plenty of these extremes as well as everything in between. If you want smooth jazz and opulent décor there’ll be a club that has it. If you’re in the mood for hard rock and a bit of stylish grime just consult Time Out magazine and it’ll tell you where to find it.

Personally I’ve been a bit off clubs in the last year, probably because I overdosed on them. I know many escorts in London say it’s one of their favourite choice of date, but I like to think I’ve grown a little more cerebral recently. I may be a blonde escort in London but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to learn a bit about particle physics once in a while! Only a little bit though.
I do still enjoy the odd club and the chance to let my hair down, just as long as it isn’t every night.

I had a couple of clubbing nights recently that reminded me of how much fun it could be. Working as a busty escort in London I sometimes forget that ultimately, it’s just all about having a good time and making the most of being based in such a vibrant metropolis.

The first club I went to, with a client, was No.5 in Cavendish Square, Marylebone – a nice change to Soho I have to say. He’d chosen this venue based on some reviews he’d read in the Saturday entertainments section in the newspaper.

Well, I had mixed feelings about the place itself. It was beautifully decorated and boasted of its ‘velvet opulence’. It was certainly smart. I don’t think my feet stuck to the floor once. Also I was able, as a girl, to get in free as it was before 11. Some guys were moaning that they had to pay (about £20 I think) while their girlfriends just waltzed through. I can see their point generally, but surely if they were being gentleman and shouldering the cost of the evening anyway they should just be grateful to halve the cost of their overall entry fee?

Anyway, on the whole the crowd was pretty good – a bit more of a respectable clientele than you get in many London nightclubs. I didn’t get any drunk guys leering in my face, or see any girls getting felt-up on the dance floor. Well, apart from me of course, but at least we were being discreet! Lewdness is more polished in this place.
As you’d expect from this kind of venue the drinks were fairly expensive, but happily the staff were very polite and friendly.

It’s a comfortable place to spend time in – not too crowded and with new places to explore such as the VIP bar, whisky bar, library lounge, champagne bar and a restaurant. We didn’t actually eat anything there, but in retrospect this may have been a good thing. I read some reviews of the club the next day and most reviewers were slating the food, even if praising everything else.

The music was pretty ok – mainly basement, R & B, that sort of thing. Not always my thing but it can be good if you’re in the right kind of mood, which I was. Probably the best thing about No.5 is its ‘celebrity spotting’ possibilities. I saw two of last year’s X-Factor contestants (can’t remember their names!) and even had a bizarre chat with one of JLS! He was lovely……

Overall I had a great nice at No. 5 with my fun-loving date. Although the club could be improved in some ways the important thing is that it provides everything necessary to have a brilliant time, either with friends or a date.

I would even go as far as saying this was one of my best evenings out of 2010. Give it a go!